Placed on hold for west virginia?

<p>I recieved a letter saying "Our admissions staff has recently reviewed your application for admission for fall 2012. Unfortunatly, we are unable to make a decision on your application at this time. Therefore, we are placing your application on hold. However, your application is still under active consideration. Due to high volume of applications we recieve and the limited number if spaces, we can not always offer an immedite admission descision and some applications must be placed on hold.
In the coming weeks, we will be making final admission decisions for applicants on hold and you will be notified of your admission status no later than february. In the meantime, if you have additional information you would like to provide (such as new act/sat) please feel free to forward that information.</p>

<p>a) is this the same as being waitlisted?
b) Are my chances now lower?
c) I sent in my college essay that I used on common app and plan to send in teacher reccs
I did well in all my classes this quarter but failed math so i really dont want to send in my first quarter grades unless they ask.</p>

<p>Help PLEASE? Thanks a ton :)</p>