Placement and meaning

I just took my community college’s placement test placing in College Algebra and College level English.

I want to major in Engineering, what does this mean and am i on pace with my major? I also plan on transferring to a university next year as a Sophomore.

It means you just took your community college’s placement test.

The results might have some bearing…

I’m taking College Algebra and other core classes at my community college as a freshman, I’m asking where should i be for my major and what else should i do to succeed.

Look at the 8 semester plan for the college you’re interested in. The math probably starts with calculus, but you have to start from where you are.

You probably need to take one or two math courses before taking calculus 1. If you want to transfer as a sophomore engineering major, you should do so having completed calculus 1 and 2, general chemistry, and first semester calculus-based physics for engineering. There may be other expected course work, such as computer science or computing for engineering.

Because it may take you four semesters at your community college to get to the expected level of frosh course work for engineering (so that you can transfer as a sophomore), use the extra schedule space to complete English composition requirements and extra general education courses in addition to the usually required frosh level course work for your major.

Is it possible to transfer to a University next school year as an Engineering Major?

Depends on the university and the transfer requirements of the university and the relevant engineering department.

However, if you transfer without having completed calculus 1 and 2, you should expect to take longer than three academic years to complete an engineering bachelor’s degree. I.e. you will effectively be at frosh level for subject requirements, even if you may be soph level by credits.

I’m taking Trig next Semester, if I take Calcus in the Summer and Calus 2 next fall I’d be on par, correct?

You might be.

Contact the transfer advisor at your CC, and set up an appointment to discuss your plan of studies so that you are ready to apply for transfer to programs that are of interest to you.

You should expect that if you take calculus 2 (and physics 1) in the fall, you will need six more semesters starting from the following spring.