Placement in Courses at Choate

Hey so I had a question about placement in courses. I am taking AP AB Calc at a school ranked 10th in the coutnry in academic rigor and currently have an A. I am going to be taking the AP Calc exam at the end of the year. If I get in, I really want to be placed into either AP BC Calc or Linear Algebra, but I only got a 94th percentile on the SSAT for math. I am also really really worried that if I take a placement test I am gonna forget all the geometry I learned (3 ish years ago) I am wodering if they more consider your school math grades or the SSAT/ placement tests. I am totally fine with repeating a level for french but math is kinda my subject. Also I took AP US HIstory this year, so in 11th grade, what could I take if I get in? I also have taken all three lab sciences (Biology (no honors offered), Chemistry Honors, and Physics) so I was wondering if I could take AP Chem in 10th grade if I have A’s in all three, and am taking Calc.

If you are accepted to Choate, you will take placement tests before you enter that will determine your freshman curriculum. You can also discuss any concerns with department heads at the school. No worries, you will not repeat or be bored. You will be placed in courses appropriate to your mastery of subjects based on Choate’s assessment, not your SSAT or middle school grades.

Most schools will let you move up or down a level if you get placed somewhere that is not the correct level for you (most common in math and foreign language). During orientation most schools will finalize class placement, so you can talk to your adviser at that point, then to someone from the department if necessary. Choate has many choices for classes, so they will find the right place for you.