Placement testing

<p>Ok placement testing is a bit confusing for me...I am going to UW-madison, and i dunt understand the concept. Say for instance, you take the math placement test and you place into a particular class, but you don't want to take that class, bc there is a lower math class that satifies the gen ed requirment. do you have to take that particular math class? that seems a bit unfair that someone who scores lower is rewarded w an easier class. Maybe im completely off, can someone explain the whole process?</p>

<p>im not sure. i just took mine online and it was really easy.</p>

<p>I think at most places it means you just exempt the math requirement unless they specifically say something different. See if you can find their undergraduate catalogue. That'll usually tell you. If not, see if they have their advisement guidelines posted online.</p>