placement testing?

<p>i was wondering when or what is the last month can i take a placement test for a community college, for example, mt. sac? please and ty :)</p>

<p>edit: &this might be a silly dumb question but, how do i know what the Prerequisites classes are that i have to take? :o thank you for your time :)</p>

<p>It depends on the school, but you want to take it at least a few days before open registration begins. You can find out when open registration starts on the school's website or by calling them. If you think you might want to retake it, then take it sooner. There is usually a waiting period before you can retake a placement exam, so you want to give yourself enough time to retake before registration starts.</p>

<p>When you look at the class schedule it should tell you which pre-reqs are required. Usually it is listed at the end of the course description, but it varies by school.</p>

<p>Your best bet is to take the placement exam asap and then make an appointment with an academic advisor. A good advisor will have a strong grasp of course sequences and will be able to help you plan your classes.</p>

<p>thank you so much ;)</p>

<p>Try to get in and test ASAP. If you are going to Mt. Sac the farther we get into summer the more booked the assessment center becomes. Remember that hordes of just graduated High schoolers are going to be testing into their placements right then. The lines get very long for the math test and the English test is appointment only, and are booked up for weeks at a time. Your scores are good for two years and you must wait 3 months to retest in general. You can retest in math immediately for the level below if you fail to get into the placement you tested for. I.E if you failed the college level, you can retest for the 71 level right away, which is the level below. The fall semester begins August 23rd and the summer begins June 28th at Sac. Reg generally starts 5-6 weeks before the semester.</p>

<p>for me (sbcc) registration for new students start tomorrow and school starts aug. 23rd</p>

<p>i see. ill make an appointment soon. </p>

<p>also, im taking summer classes at another college, but attending mt sac for fall, i want to take enviornmental bio, will it be transferrable?</p>

<p>It should. You'll want to see a counselor if you want to be sure.</p>