Placement Tests and Housing

<p>The placement test question I posted in a separate thread, but I guess I'll repost it here...
"Warren/Comp sci or eng:
Aren't there exemptions for the placement tests? I know I'm exempted for the eng one. But what are the exemption requirements for the other tests???"</p>

<p>And the Housing question:
If I checked Doubles as my dorm preference, what happens if there's no more room for doubles? Because I would rather want a triple than a single, if doubles are no longer available. But they didn't ask for 2nd choice preference.</p>

<p>Help would be appreciated, thanks!</p>

<p>um trust me, there will be PLENTY more triples going around than singles.</p>

<p>lol, Yea of course. But how would they know to give a certain student single or triple (assuming there are still spots for both) when the situation arises? Just wondering.</p>

<p>^Ha ha. I don't see that situation happening. The kids wanting singles will be getting their singles and after will be getting triples.</p>