Placement Tests?

<p>So I'm planning on taking a placement test for Spanish. Do you all have any suggestions or things I should be doing to get a little bit ready for the test? I would really love to be able to place into at least SPA 21, especially considering I've taken 6 years of Spanish at school. Any help is great! Thanks</p>

<p>I wouldn't fret. The tests are just designed to see where you best fit into the Tufts language curriculum; they're your friend. I would say it would actually be detrimental, long-term, to over-study for the test, because they're trying to assess the level of fluency you can <em>normally</em> achieve. If you do extremely well on the test, you may be placed into a course too difficult for you to feel successful in.
Furthermore, the test is not the only or ultimate determinant of where you belong. Your professor will continually assess your progress, and if you seem not to be in the right place, you can choose to move up or down. So be well-rested, and do enough studying to compensate for any skills that have gotten rusty over the summer, so that you're performing to your normal level. No sense in overdoing it.</p>