Placements tests

<p>I am planning to attend UNC-CH in the fall. I am currently in AP literature, AP calculus BC and French level 4. Am I required to take tests to determine my placement for classes next year? What is the process? I am from the Midwest so I have only taken the ACT. Do I need to take the SAT Math II test? I have never taken an AP exam before because my school offers dual credit through the local community college. Im not sure I would do well on the AP exams. Any advice would be appreciated!</p>

<p>My DD is a freshman this year. She was required to have scores to determine math placement: Placement</a> Information ? Mathematics</p>

<p>And there was also an online Language Placement Test to determine her placement for her foreign language. She was able to place our of any language requirement as a result of the score she got. Here is a link to info about that: Welcome</a> to the UNC-CH Language Placement Exam</p>

<p>If you get a 3 on your BC exam, you don't have to do anything for math placement. If not, you will have to take the math II subject test. I'm sure you would do well on the exam because it is not difficult if you have a good teacher.</p>

<p>I would also advise taking the AP lit exam if you took AP language last year and got a 4 or 5. If you get a 4 on AP language and a 5 on AP lit, you are done with your writing requirements. </p>

<p>You will have to take a placement test for any language if you took it in high school and want to continue it in college. I would also advise taking the French subject test if you would like to continue. Since you're in french 4, you would likely place into french 203, 204, or above. If you just take the placement test, I'm pretty sure you do not get any class credit for the classes that you place out of. If you take the subject test, you get credit for any classes you place out of with your score (above the second level). For example, I took the spanish subject test and got credit for Spanish 203 and 204. If I had placed into 204 or above, I wold not get credit for 203.</p>

<p>A 32 and above on ACT English also gets you credit for Engl 101 and 102 ... therefore exempt on the english requirement.</p>