Places on campus with good vegetarian food

<p>Anyone know of any places (including the cafeterias) with good vegetarian menus? Or which places have the best?</p>

<p>I’m also curious! I haven’t had much luck with vegetarian options on campus. :(</p>

<p>I think that some of the best FOOD on campus is at the Littlefield Patio Cafe, but I honestly don’t recall how many vegetarian options are offered there.</p>

<p>I know in JCL they have a place/section called the “Green Belt/Chick Pea” during lunch they serve alot of 100% vegetarian items. But it’s only open during lunch M-F :(</p>

<p>There are several vegetarian options at Kinsolving. They have veggie burgers (which aren’t FANTASTIC, but they’re edible), they usually have soy wraps (which are quite good), and they have a decent salad bar, pasta bar with vegetable pizza, etc. I’d assume J2 is the same, but I can’t get my wits about myself to eat there. JCL apparently has the Chick Pea (but I’ve only been to JCL for dinner so I’ve never eaten there), which my friend says is really good. They also have a good salad bar and they have soups and AMAZING herbed bread. Littlefield Patio Cafe has veggie burgers (I think) and they have lots of wraps, vegetable pizzas by the slice, etc. Those are the places I’ve eaten at on campus. I actually don’t label myself a vegetarian but I’ve stayed away from meat since I got here and so far have felt like I’ve had plenty of variety. All in all, I feel like DHFS is pretty veggie-friendly. </p>

<p>And of course, their are plenty of restaurants near campus that have great vegetarian food…if you feel like walking down to the end of the drag near Dobie, Veggie Heaven is AMAZING and I don’t care how ridiculous their food names are…Pita Pit is a somewhat less expensive, though significantly more mediocre option.</p>

<p>Wow, that’s really helpful. Thank you!</p>

<p>do you ever go to Houston? if you do go to the ISKCON HOUSTON temple… they have great food and its fun!youre a vegetarian so yeah…so am i!!!</p>

<p>I tried Veggie Heaven today and it was pretty good. The food there is mostly oriental, a lot of which is spicy. The only really vegetarian option or meat substitute I tried in a cafeteria was the garden burger in the San Jacinto Cypress Bend. It was really good veggie burger. UT was labeled as one of the top ten vegetarian friendly colleges by peta, so I’m sure there’s plenty of options on campus.</p>

<p>Wow, I didn’t realize how enthusiastic I was sounding in my post … AMAZING, FANTASTIC…</p>

<p>I went to Chipotle and had their veggie burrito for the first time and it was pretty darn good. A little expensive, but it was worth it. I would definitely recommend it.</p>

<p>Both J2 and Kinsolving always have some sort of vegetarian entree for every meal. Sometimes they’re mediocre, but oftentimes the vegetarian entree is fantastic.</p>