Places to eat

<p>Okay, this is an odd question I'm sure, but as I try to figure out my budget for Fall some questions come to mind. Where is a good, cheap place to eat lunch?</p>

<p>I'm going to be commuting, and can't really afford to add the gas to return home for lunch (45 minutes away). I could "brown bag" a lunch, but if there are relatively cheap options that aren't as big a pain that would be preferable. Anyone else commuting (or just likes to eat out) that can recommend some places? How about the commons, are prices there reasonable? Anywhere else?</p>

<p>Big Ten Burrito (was there ever a legal name change? I don't remember): $5 for a big burrito</p>

<p>Panchero's: Around $6 for a big burrito
Jimmy John's: A little over $5 for a good sandwich</p>

<p>Union, League, Backroom pizza, Amer's, China Gate.</p>

<p>Just stay off State Street if you're looking for cheap.</p>

<p>Also, what about the likelihood of finding a microwave to use? I understand there used to be one in the Union, but that restraunt is being taken out and replaced with a Quizno's. Anyone know of any others near central campus, or is that an unlikely option?</p>

<p>Your school or department may have a micorwave in a student lounge somewhere.</p>

<p>You can still do cheap on State Street--a slice of pizza at the Diag party store ain't bad.</p>

<p>Mongolian Barbaque:D! Not very cheap though.</p>

<p>haha gomez, i just came back from Mongolian BBQ.</p>

<p>that mongolian bbq is amazing. we have something similar to it here in atlanta and it just isnt comparable</p>

<p>are you guys sure it's mongolian? not korean?</p>

<p>I LOVE korean food.. are there any korean restaurants?</p>

<p>Heck yeah, there's Korean. University Cafe on Church is really good (in my opinion, any way). And it's always filled with Koreans, so that's probably a good sign. And Rod's Diner on State Street has a limited selection of Korean food as well. I can't vouch for that part of their menu, just their colliders (frozen yogurt based dessert that you could probably live on exclusively).</p>

<p>the best korean food on campus is probably 'rich jc' on south u. there's also kang's and university cafe, but they're not as good.</p>

<p>rod's diner also has some korean food, but the selection is quite small. like mr.moore said, they're mostly known for their colliders. my friend's parents actually owns it, so check it out :]</p>

<p>Real Cheap Eats:
Red Hot Lover's: great hot dogs and burgers (E Univ)
Bell's Pizza: pizza and subs; pizza by the slice
Big Ten Burrito (now called BTB): great quickie, cheap, tasty burritos and nachos</p>

<p>Not quite as cheap:
DiBella's: the best subs ever (near intersection of Eisenhower & AA-Saline)
Jimmy John's: subs
Cottage Inn: pizza
Blimpie Burger: the best greatest ever greasy burgers</p>

<p>Definitely not cheap, but good for the parents to take you to:
Pizza House: up-scale American (you know, like TGI Fridays), really good Chicago-style pizza, etc.
Amer's: fantastic, if pricey, deli. Really really good.</p>

<p>Wendy's, Jimmy John's, Buffalo Wild Wings has 35 cent wing Tuesdays</p>

<p>State Street isn't nearly as expensive as Main Street...but yum anyways...</p>

<p>Zingerman's of course.</p>

<p>Not that Zingerman's is cheap! Unless, of course, you eat one of their sandwiches for 4 lunches.</p>

<p>I visited there last month. Loads of cheap grub spots. You can always brown bag it :)</p>

<p>There are also sometimes street vendors.</p>

<p>jeruselum gardens is sooooo gooood and cheap ($5-6 for a TON of food), if you're into the whole middle-eastern falafel dealio :)</p>

<p>Please tell this 1975 grad that students still eat at Pizza Bob's on State.</p>

<p>Nothing quite like a pizza sub and a hot fudge shake!</p>

<p>Is the sign for the time record for eating a Destroyer sub still on the wall?</p>

<p>Yup, they still eat there. Different owners, but they're still serving subs, shakes, and pizzas. It's still a hole in the wall. I don't recall the time record still being there.</p>