Places to see on campus

<p>I'm hosting some friends for a few days and I want to show them around. I know that the actual city of berkeley is exciting (telegraph, college, etc.) and of course SF and all, but what places should i show them ON CAMPUS? I know there are some museums, the dinosaur in VLSB, strawberry creek...but are there any really pretty nature nooks on campus? any fun facts to point out to them? Any facts/places are appreciated!</p>

<p>The top of the Campanile includes a host of historical photos, not to mention viewing the Carillon inside. You could, seriously, go on one of the campus tours, since they do give you a lot of good info., or even do a self-guided tour or take a podcast tour -- Self-guided</a> tours -- UC Berkeley Visitor Services</p>

<p>I'd also recommend a prowl around the faculty club -- stop there for a drink at lunch or dinner. The bartender there at lunch most days has been there for about 30 days and has some great stories. At the Faculty Club you can look at the cool craftman design of the building by Berkeley architect Bernard Maybeck. The hotel there includes the Tower Room, which is reportedly haunted. Just outside is the Faculty Glade with 4.0 Hill and Pappy's statue. </p>

<p>Another thought is to visit Memorial Stadium (if open) or hike up to the Big C. </p>

<p>Finally, if you head up behind the Foothill Dorms towards the Lawrence Hall of Science (always an interesting visit in any event), the views along that road are amazing!</p>

<li>Climb up to Big C; go during the sunset.</li>
<li>Botanical Gardens. Requires a lot of time though since the place is big.</li>
<li>Lawrence Hall of Science - my favorite place as a bit of physics geek. The scenery you see from the top is better than the Campanile or the Big C.</li>
<li>Berkeley Rose Garden - this is outside of the campus. keep walking on Euclid Ave and there's a nice, big park with a slide on a natural cliff. (a.k.a. a legit slide) It brings back so many childhood memories. </li>
<li>Tell them that Etcheverry Hall used to have nuclear power facility but moved it to Lawrence Laboratory .</li>
<li>Our dear old California Memorial Stadium. Try to climb up to the 'illegal' free spot on the hill. If you can, try to get through the Bowles Hall.</li>
<li>As you're coming down from the stadium, visit the Hass School of Business. It sure looked hella futuristic when I first saw it :P</li>
<li>Take them to North Gate Hall to show how old-fashioned Berkeley classroom can be. Then take them to Pimental and explain the moving chalkboard.</li>
<li>Davis Hall! Once you enter, you're gonna see an actual-size model bridge. I had to gasp for air when I first saw that.</li>
<li>In the backyard of Wurster hall, you can see a giant architecture lab. Don't know if you can go in, but it already looks quite grand even if you see it from outside.</li>
<li>Try to explain how big Doe-Main Stack-Moffitt library is. You can tell them the windows on the floor are actually ceiling windows for underground. </li>
<li>Trick them that roof of the South Hall was used for Mary Poppins filming hahaha.</li>

<p>Wow, UpMagic. This is great. I can hardly wait to check some of this out when I am up there in June with my son.....</p>