Places to talk to direct students about the Uni they are attending?

I need platforms to talk to people about the unis i am interested in my college list. I sadly can’t physically visit colleges. Rising senior btw.

Call the admissions office and ask

Search Youtube for vloggers



Reading Niche reviews might also answer your questions.

I don’t want to look at Niche reviews because idk it could be biased

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Contact admissions at the schools on your list. They can put you in touch with students.

Look at Instagram posts in which users tag their schools. Same for Twitter. Look at Facebook posts too.v

Yes, reviews are almost always biased. If someone is complaining, they are biased. If someone is complimentary, they are biased. What matters is the information you take away from what they say. I agree that Niche is super useful. Read Fiske also. That’s the best relatively unbiased source of information about schools. It reviews schools based on student feedback.


What schools are you looking at? A lot of times, larger schools will have alumni clubs in their cities, and if you email them, they can contact students from your area that are current students. If you have anyone from your high school who goes to a school, go ahead and contact them even if you don’t know them.

Hi! PM’d you on this.

Why can’t the information be shared on this thread ? I think that many readers might find it to be helpful.

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If students from your high school have attended these schools, reach out. My son found this helpful. Some even invited him to stay with them for an overnight to check out vibe.

When you read most or all of them, you start to notice themes (a lot of people saying the same thing in different ways) these can help you get a true feel for the place.

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He basically mentioned something about this website where you can talk to college students online I think you pay 12 bucks

Reddit is probably your best bet.

Consider also whether the person complaining or complimenting is similar to you in interests, etc. For example, if someone is complaining about a competitive weed-out culture, but they are a pre-med and you are a non-pre-med non-biology major, then their complaints about competitive weed-out culture may not necessarily be applicable to you.

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