Plagiarizing ?

<p>So my friend bought a book on college essays I think it was 50 top Harvard successful essays or something, and he found that one of the essays that he was thinking of writing was already published in the book. Would it be considered plagiarizing if he writes his essay yet it has the similar idea as the one published in the book? For example there are many essays that say that their mom or dad are influential people, if the basis of the essay was in close relation to the one published in the book would it be harmful? He wants to write how it took him a while to write a college essay and he concluded something of a similar sort that the published essay had. The structure in terms of humor and tone is somewhat related to the essay in the book. Ultimately if he writes this essay, and he applies to colleges will he be convicted of plagiarizing?</p>


<p>i'd avoid writing it.</p>

<p>Like senior0991 said, i would avoid it too. If those essays came from Harvard and were published in that book, then you better believe that:
1. Harvard admissions people have read those essays too.
2. Colleges do not want any student with a hint of plagiarism in their institution.
3. I believe no college essay idea is truly original, but if the idea is the same, the structure is the same, same humor...etc, then your friend is in trouble</p>