Plan B (or would be Plan B)

<p>So due to technical difficulties, I won't know my results until I get the physical envelope in my possession. I'm an EDer and... super duper anxious.</p>

<p>So, just to relieve stress and prove to myself that life goes on, I'm just wondering where people are applying if they were rejected. (Although I'm sure that some of those rejected might not return to the board.) Or, for those accepted, what was your Plan B? In your answer, indicate if you were accepted or not.</p>

<p>I'm applying to Wesleyan if I get rejected.</p>

<p>My Plan B would of likely been UIUC. Being from Champaign, and also being a HUGE Illini fan, going to Illinois would not have been that bad for me. However, I truly believed that it would be best for me to not only go to a better school, but also to get out of town and away from my parents....</p>

<p>I also applied to Notre Dame and U of Chicago early, so I was hoping I'd be accepted to at least one of them. Then my plan C applying to Emory EDII (if I didn't get into any early). If THAT didn't work, my plan D was to go to UGA. Thank gawd it stopped at Plan A.</p>

<p>I was looking at American University, NYU, and Mizzou. If all else failed, I was going to buy a parka and go to the University of Alaska Anchorage to study creative writing from Sherry Simpson, the most talented writer in the West.</p>