plan B

<p>too lazy to research this but just wondering...If something prevents me from attending UNC my freshman year (hope this doesn't happen), then what materials would I need to send as a transfer. For Freshmen, it's basically the app and high school transcript, but what about if you are already in a college? Would you have to send the high school transcript then too? (cause you know, the apps only like to see how you can survive in college, and it wouldn't make sense to ask for the high school transcript if the individual is doing far better in college). I'm asking this to remain positive and simply be knowledgable in the area so that I am well aware of second chances lol. Please reply! =)</p>

<p>If you're already accepted to UNC but something comes up during the summer, you can defer your acceptance for a year and then come in as a freshman. </p>

<p>If you don't get in:
Unfortunately, when you're applying as a true transfer student, you lose the in state advantage. Transferring in is MUCH harder for in staters than the first round of freshman admissions because you're now competing with the out-of-staters on equal ground. I'd check out community college. I think there are a few programs where you can complete a few years of CC and then get a transfer ticket to the state flagship-- check and see if this is true w/UNC.</p>