PLAN Test Prep

<p>I'll be taking the PLAN test in October 2011, how should I prepare for it? I'm currently studying PSAT books and the Blue Book as they should somewhat prove to be beneficial when taking these types of tests. Additionally, what's the structure of the test, the scoring method, etc? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>The structure of the test: 50 questions for english, 40 for math, 25 for reading, and 30 for science. Everything's multiple choice. I don't remember how much time they give you, but I remember scrambling for time on almost all the sections. You don't have the luxury of time; just work through everything as quick as you can. I'm not really sure how they score... but it's not very reliable. I got all the questions right on the reading section, and they gave me a score of 30 (the score range was from 1-32). The PLAN test is prep for the ACT, not the SAT, so I would get a few ACT prep books. </p>

<p>Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the test so much. The science section is so weird, though... Don't read all the information they give in the beginning, just go straight to the questions. Saves SO much time. I didn't realize that. I'm pretty sure you can't get any scholarships from doing well on the test, so just try your best and work fast.</p>

<p>r u kidding? don't study for it one bit. see what u know and when u get scores back you'll know what u have to work on. don 't waste time for a test colleges don't even see or care about.</p>