PLAN test results

<p>Does anybody know their plan test results yet? My school will give them back at the end of January...</p>

<p>I have no idea when my school will give me back my scores-I hope the end of january</p>

<p>So nobody got their results yet?</p>

<p>Yesterday I got my test results-and they were not so good. Community College here I come!!!!!!!!!!
Composite score-21
English-19(how the heck did I get this?)
Math-17(bad but I know I was going to do bad here)
Reading 26
I know i did really bad but I am stil a sophmore. I am going to meet with my guidence counslar for the first time next week to talk about this. is there any chance that if I study really hard I can get a 32 on the real ACT?</p>

<p>I seriously don't know, because I am a sophomore too. And I haven't gotten my results yet.</p>

<p>Naidu90-I bet you will get your scores very soon. I am very surprised that I got mine for my school always tends to het things late.
Can anyone comment on my scores-do I have a shot at going to a college?</p>

<p>are you a sophomore? i just got my plan scores too.... just if you didnt know, the plan is scored on a scale of 1-32. Not a 36. The Plan results also should have told you (onthe right hand side of your plan score report) the estimated ACT score range that you will most expectedly get on the REAL ACT (This score range is out of 36, because the ACT is out of 36). I go 26-30. But I think I could improve that if I just keep practicing.</p>

<p>i got my scores earlier this week.......</p>

<p>my range that was predicted was a 22-26. I know really crappy. I really need a 32-is there any chance I could do it?
Gosh I must be really stupid I bet everyone else here and at school plus all my friends got 27 and above.
Vikingmar08-how did you do okay-good-bad-amazing?</p>

<p>26-30, dont feel bad, i get intimidated too when everybody says like a 29 is bad, ive been working hard on the acts and all and doing practice tests. it has been doing good? good luck...</p>

<p>I got a 24-28 range on the plan, and got a 33 on the real test with a week of intense study.</p>

<p>Alright-maybe I have a chance! I actually started prepping(i got this computor software to help me with the math and english along with practice tests)</p>

<p>man.. i made a freakin 18, i made a 20 on the real act, and i have to get a 30^ so yeah.. i need to prep</p>

<p>i made a 22 but that was without really trying ....i duno much about this can i take a practice one online or anything to see what i would make on the real thing or what im really interested to know what ima make on the real thing ...if i were to take it then now i could take it again when i was a junior and the only one that would count is the one i took as a jr. right</p>

<p>the PLAN test does a horrible job of predicting ACT scores. For me it said I'd get 22-26, and I got a 30 on the actual ACT.</p>

<p>So don't worry. the plan test is just not totally accurate.</p>

<p>you shouldnt be that worried about your score if you are only a sophomore. as far as the math goes, maybe you didnt learn all of the math yet (as a lot of it is algebra 2 and precal). just practice a lot for the next year when it really counts</p>

<p>ok thanks, ill be happy with my score as long as i get a decent one but im really wanting to get a 30 or so, and ill prolly have trouble in math anyway ive always had trouble in math</p>

<p>graham-27 I am with you my math score is horrible tooooo!!</p>

<p>Last year i got: Eng 18, Math 29, Reading 18, Sci 20. My composite was 21 which it says is 92% but that seems kind of high. Im taking the ACT next weekend so wish me luck.</p>

<p>I'll cross my fingers for you!!!!!!!!</p>