Planning for college after high school.

<p>Well I just wrote a big thing but for some reason the website logged me off and now it's all gone....oh well.</p>

<p>Anyway long story short I'm a smart person, had awful grades freshman year (0.6 GPA), this sophomore year had a 3.2 GPA last semester. Taking Regular English and Biology, took Algebra 1 and now have a study hall class, French 1 and World History. Was involved in a sport but didn't make the team but remained as Team Manager. </p>

<p>I plan to take Geometry, Health (since I failed it) and the rest of my PE credits over the summer through the homeschooling option my school has or whatever it is. For junior year I picked Honors English, AP US History, AP Psychology, Algebra 2, French 2 and Geo-Science (since I failed it). I made some exceptions with my counselor for somethings like waiting to see when/if I could take Chemistry at the community college (through running start?) over the summer, thus removing Geo-Science from my scheduling and picking some other science class (any recommendations? There's normal Psychics, Ap Bio Chem and Phys and a bunch of other stuff). Also taking Criminal Justice as after school class where the college people come and teach on campus. Also all of this is granted I can pass my classes this semester since I'm in a rough patch again and it's a bit hard getting back on my feet compared to last semester.</p>

<p>That's my rough-draft of an agenda so far for next year! I want to major in Law/Finances/Psychology or anything else that's related to those fields. Honestly my career choices/dreams aren't about money but just to be able to do something fun and active that would in the least offset any student debts I would have as a result of taking the path of said career. </p>

<p>So based on all that, what are some advice you guys could give me? Things like alternative schooling, some plans for colleges, and all that stuff. I know it's all a big vague but hopefully I can go more in-depth from replies and stuff.</p>

<p>Well, to start off, I would like to let you know that majoring in law or psychology won’t get you very far unless you plan on going to graduate school. Psychologists need PhD’s and at least a Masters to practice. Law majors aren’t very useful unless you plan on going to law school or getting certified as a paralegal. I would suggest looking into finance. It is a great major and industry to get into.</p>

<p>Second, with your low GPA, I would suggest attending a community college at first. You will be accepted and start out with easier classes than you will have at a university. Starting out at a community college will also save you money. I would consider taking some online classes as well. Don’t overload yourself and try your best to make good grades.</p>