Planning my Summer 2022 road trip(s)

I’d go from College Park to Philadelphia (Temple) or trip #3.

One other comment. I would consider not doing all of your proposed college trips over the summer of 2022. In my experience of taking college road trips with my children, the most unsatisfying visits were when the school was not in session and there were few or no students around. If you’re going to be on a relatively empty campus, you’re just as well off looking at nice videos or pictures of that campus (and that will be a lot cheaper, also).

I would try to schedule your visits – whenever you take them – around times that the college/university is in session (you can check the academic calendar for the respective schools to find out), so that you can see the actual student body, and perhaps visualize whether you could be part of it. You might consider taking some of these trips over your high school Fall/Spring Breaks (if you have them), which hopefully would coincide with times that your target schools are in session as well.