Planning my Summer 2022 road trip(s)

Thinking about how I could plan my visits. Here’s how I’d organize my trips:

  1. Oregon, Portland St., Arizona, ASU, UNM, Hawaii
    2)Maryland, Temple

Should I split up the 1st group?

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Considering Oregon to New Mexico is a 24 hour drive and Hawaii is a flight, there is no way you could do that in “one trip”.


“One trip”= leave Glendive, return home after finishing visits". I was thinking of spending 10-14 days on the long trip.

Would you recommend splitting it into 3 trips? Hawaii+ PNW or SW. I know Philadelphia to College Park isn’t too arduous.

Flights to Hawaii can be pricey. As can hotel stays and gas for the car.

See how you feel about these schools next spring and then plan your trip. You are only a sophomore and have 2.5 years before you even start college.

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True. I could do 3 trips

  1. Hawaii
  2. Western states (or split N/S to 2 trips)
  3. East Coast

Per Mapquest, College Park to Philly is 2-1/2 hours. Eminently doable.

I don’t think sophomore year is too soon — so thankful my D22 has seen a lot of colleges before junior year because of COVID.

I would do Oregon (which Oregon?), Portland and Hawaii. This will be a fun trip and allow you to see different sizes and types of schools. Warning — your list may change quite a bit over time.

Have you determined a budget yet? The one thing I would be certain about is that what you see is affordable.

Make sure you are spending time on your extra-curriculars as well.

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@Southoftheriver that’s good advice about geography. I meant Ore-Eugene. My 529 should allow me my choice of schools. How would you recommend I split up the SW with Manoa? Could I do MANOA after Oregon or should I do it stand alone? As I mentioned, MD and Temple is a reasonable drive.

JUST thought of something: DC is probably halfway between them, so I could add seeing our Nation’s capital to that trip.

I just was stating its a bit hard for a 15/16 year old to independently plan/pay for that amount of trips in 1 summer. Especially with a flight to Hawaii involved. As you said, the list may change over time.

OP is in Montana close to North Dakota and any of these schools is an extensive trip.

OP, how much are your parents willing to let you go and pay for in regards to travel? Knowing that to hit all these schools is a huge time and financial commitment, I think its best to talk to them first.

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@2plustrio you’re OBVIOUSLY correct about the $$ AND timesink! I should get their advice and parameters for ANY trip I’d take. I’d be a relatively new driver as well. (Hope to do driver’s education this summer)

Wait - you’re doing this on your own? Not sure that is wise, particularly as a new driver.

Even with adults don’t see how you combine Hawaii. I would focus on this being more about PNW and see if you like the vibe. Seattle and Portland are fun to see and Eugene is a cute college city/town. There are a lot of great schools in Oregon and Washington that you may not have discovered. Don’t think you’ve seen enough to have a firm list.

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@Southoftheriver yeah, I was being ENTIRELY too optimistic about my parents letting me just go out ALONE (I wouldn’t WANT to be alone anyway!) for 6 weeks!

Next summer you would be a junior. NO WAY I would let my underage, high school aged child go on a road trip alone. And sure as heck not for 6 weeks.


@2plustrio I don’t blame you!! I’m thinking of asking my mom to come. Would be fun way to bond and get in some “girl time”.

“Thinking” of asking your mom? You aren’t going without her. No hotel would rent a room to an underage minor.

I meant “as opposed to both parents”. Sorry that looked MUCH worse than I meant.

As my spouse would say, “Mom & Dad drive the tuition bus.” So, one or both parents need to be along for the trip!

Also, I posted a response to your other recent query regarding college campuses. I don’t know what you might be planning to study; but if you are taking an East Coast trip, you might think about working those schools into your itinerary (American University for sure if you are seeing U of Maryland in College Park).

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Trip 1. I would suggest Oregon and Hawaii in one trip. So like Oregon, then fly to Hawaii.
Trip 2. AZ and NM
Trip 3. Maryland

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@lovey8888 that schedule is my EXACT idea.

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