Planning on applying ED

I’m an international student from the Indian subcontinent. I want to dual major in CS and Mathematics. Please tell me if you think I have a good chance.

Grades: AAA*A in A-Levels (Physics, CS, Maths, Further Maths). Self studied CS in A2 Level (2nd year of A-Levels) because we didn’t have a teacher who could teach it.
SAT: Expecting 1450+ (maybe even a 1500+)
Class Rank: Top 3
2 Academic Excellence Award from School and 1 Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award for gaining First Place in my country in the category Best Across 4 AS Level (First year of A-Levels)
Tutoring 3 students in A-Level CS
Provided my AS Level CS teacher with the notes/resources that I used during my A2 year. He has now started to teach A2 CS.

Self-taught programmer (Java, VB, Python, C#)
Have made a few programs and games (not published)
Executive Member of Computer Science Club
One of the founders of A-Level Maths Society in my school
Organized a few maths events in school
Participated in national maths competitions (only got an achievement certificate)
Participated in international level science competition (medal for excelling in regional level)

EFC: <$5k
I’m worried that I won’t be accepted because of my EFC. Do you guys think I have a chance?

@trulyspicywater Your grades look good for A Levels, and you have a decent amount of extracurriculars for an international student. I would retake the SAT (just cross that 1500 threshold). Denison has good financial aid and I know they give out merit aid for students even if they are international (and they claim to meet 100% need accordingly). You have a chance for that and perhaps other grants as well. But I would say that barring 6 or 7 top tier MIT and Amherst level schools, all colleges become need aware for international students and your EFC is especially low. I would use the Denison Net Price Calculator (I tried using a scenario similar to yours and it still shows a 12k payment even though EFC is 5k) and I would also make sure that you can truly afford it (transport from Asia, books, and food other than Denison’s awesome dorm food is also handy)

Also for those questioning my sources- Lived abroad while sibling applied to college, best friend at Denison, the Denison website.

Good luck!