Planning On Reapplying, Summer Programs

Im planning on reapplying next year, to several of the schools that became my favorites throughout this process. Not because of “reapplying/ better chances”, but I do really want to try out boarding life and discover some new interests through this.
I was wondering if joining the school’s summer programs would be good. I got waitlisted to 2 schools in my previous list.
I’m still pretty interested in Deerfield, Choate, Exeter, and Hotchkiss (listed from my favorite)
I play piano, so I know that Hotchkiss’s piano program would be good for me, but Hotchkiss isn’t my top school… Does anyone know more about the summer program admission process? Which program would be good for business, writing or music, or just in general?
If anyone has experience in reapplying and gone through it, can you PM me or give me some advice? If anyone has counselor recommendations, can you PM me as well?
Thank you

Applying to summer programs would be great, if you are truly interested in the summer programs and can afford them. It would not be good if you think it is going to give you an advantage when re-applying to the school.


im pretty interested in writing and business programs as its pretty cool, do you know which school have a good program on those, and music.

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if there are programs that are not through boarding schools but still have an acceptable fee, then I will be able to look into it as well

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I don’t know anything about summer programs, that is something you will have to research on your own. I do know they do not help you get into BS - that is the only point I wanted to make. Do not spend money/time if it’s not something you would otherwise do. A summer job can be just as “impressive” on your BS application.

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Agree 100%

…IMO the summer programs are simply profit centers for the schools and aren’t about screening for admissions at all.

The potential “pro” for admissions is that summer program could be helpful “proving” your ability to be away from home. (Summer camp could do this too, though).

It could be a potential downside, too. If you go to a summer program at School A and then apply to School B, School B’s AO could think School A is clearly your first choice. (I don’t think this is a huge risk, at all, but wanted to put out there as possible).

Note, this is the same for (most) college summer programs.