Planning to study in Philippines. I need advice!

Good evening everyone! I am currently enrolled in a community college in California, and I am planning to get in the Radiology program. The closest school that offers Radiology classes is in Santa Barbara, which is about 3 hours away from where I live. The school also posted that there is a 3 to 4 year wait before new applicants can get in. My cousin who studied nursing in Philippines informed me that their school (Saint Louis University) offers radiology classes and there is no waiting list. If I study over there and graduate, will my certificate as a radiologist or diploma be valied here in the US? Also will financial aid be available for me if I go abroad? I currently have BOG and FAFSA. Thanks in advanced.

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Hello, it has been 6 days and still no answers. I would like to let everyone know that I am still awaiting answers and advice. My own counselor was unable to help me with answers and I am resorting to online forums for help. Thanks once again.

Probably no one here knows either as it’s such an unusual course of action.

Perhaps the American College of Radiology or the American Board of Radiology could tell you what additional requirements there may be for Philippines-trained radiologists: and

FA is rarely available for Americans overseas. Schools which have specifically signed up to the program may enable you to take FAFSA funded loans:

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Thanks for replying and for the information you provided. I just really want to go to school in the Philippines and Radiology seems like a good option besides nursing. I will look into the websites you provided and hopefully my questions will be answered. By any chance you know a website or a source who can provide me info about what courses I can take and be valied here in the US? If not, that is okay. Thank you again.

From the Philippines here. My mom’s a graduate of Pharmacy from the same university (SLU) and she’s working as a pharmacist in CA. From her experience, I think she had to take a licensure examination as a pharmacist, but her Philippine diploma was valied.