Planning to transfer to UC Davis, are prereq > igetc?

<p>I'm new to these forums and have been reading around. I plan to major as a Managerial Economics but says IGETC is not recommended. But when reading around alot of people have said igetc is required for transfer.</p>

<p>I'm attempting to plan out my next semester in c.c and I'm unsure if I should plan more towards IGETC or towards finishing all my Prereq's before the rest of IGETC.</p>

<p>Opinions on this would be great and I would appreciate it. I might be able to finish both IGETC and my prereq's but im afraid that i won't by the time i want to transfer.</p>

<p>Also was wondering if being an Managerial Econ major is good and if i could get your opinions on that also.</p>

<p>Thxs much appreciated everyone =D.</p>

<p>Well Managerial Econ is really just a another name for Business Econ. It’s a good degree if that is what you are interested in and incorporates the Liberal Arts theory of Econ with the technical aspect of applied metrics just without the heavy calc based statistics. You still need to do at least 2-3 calc, 1 lower division and 1 upper division stats, and 1-2 computer science courses still. Keep in mind UCD is primarily an AG school and you will be taking a bunch of ag/natural resource econ courses to earn a degree from there. </p>

<pre><code>IGETC is more preferable since UC’s also require a multicultural class, PE, and a year of foreign language on top of the 7 GE categorical requirements. Over the years, kinks have been worked out so that many prereq’s are part and parcel of GE requirements to streamline students due to the Echo Boomers.

<p>thxs kmazza for the response, and yes most of the prereq take out some ged, im just wondering what happens if i finish all the prereq but maybe not all the IGETC. Will I be not guaranteed a transfer?</p>

<p>It depends on your overall transcript but it could lessen your chances. It would help if I knew what prereq’s and IGETC classes you are referring to. Personally, I don’t see the point in paying extra money for classes you could take at a CCC when they still need to be completed regardless. Once you chip away fed/state requirements you will never have to do them again. IGETC just helps insure that you can’t be forced to take a lower division GE class if the school has already accepted you.</p>