Plastic surgeon or business?? Need help in deciding please!!!

Hi guys, this is my first post so please try to help me… I am very confused about what I want to do with my professional life right now. I do not know wether to be a plastic surgeon or go into business? Since I researched and learned about plastic surgery, I knew I wanted to be a plastic surgeon because I love everything they do and I think it’s a great career to be able to help others achieve what they do not have physically and because of that they’re affected emotionally. The only thing that keeps me away from my dream is the length of the career, I think it’s like 12 years :confused: ( though Im still considering going that way).

I also like business because I like presenting and I had looked accounting but I don’t know if that’s right for me, I’m good with math and I like it but I just don’t see myself being in an office every single day. In business, I would like to be a CEO so I don’t know if this is the right path. I also don’t know if I should go for plastic surgery. I read in another post that if you want to be filthy rich don’t go into medicine?? ( is this true?, i don’t think so) Im a college freshman.

Please guys, what can I do, what should I do? Give me some help in what to choose?? THANKSSSSS!!!