<p>Did anyone here apply to PLC or Norlin Scholars?</p>

<p>yeah, I applied for Norlin Scholars, but I still haven't heard back....</p>

<p>Do you know if you're into either one? Are you planning on doing their Honors Program too? I'm not sure how much work each program requires.....</p>

<p>what other schools are you considering? or are you already set on CU?</p>

<p>I got into the "honors program" (not sure what that means) but I got rejected from Norlin today. I'm not too disappointed though; from the letter it sounds like they only accepted 15%. I'm pretty sure PLC is more selective - my school (which is in Boulder, and generally gets about 7 people/year into Stanford) usually only gets 1 per year into PLC.</p>

<p>PLC is pretty tough, I think more people apply than norlin, but they do have around 50 kids who matriculate as PLC students whereas norlin has less (or at least they used to).<br>
The honors program means you are in the top 10% of students there, you get to take some smaller classes if they have honors classes in anything you want to be studying, that and you can graduate with university honors.<br>
I know a lot of kids who applied to PLC, I don't think they've heard back yet, but 2 kids including me got Norlin at my school, don't ask me how they do the selection, seems pretty arbitrary to me.</p>

<p>They have two Norlin Scholars and one staff member read each application, and each assigns a number of points. The high scores get in. (At least, that's what my friend (who's a Norlin scholar) told me). I'm kind of surprised I didn't get in...oh well.</p>