Please add Bates College to the B alphabetical list

Bates College is listed as a top liberal arts school but I do not see it included in the overall B list.

You could squeeze it in right between Bard and Baylor.


It would be cool to have Bowdoin on the alphabetical list too.


Bryn Mawr would be a nice addition!

I don’t understand why Bates is not in the list of colleges alphabetically.

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There is an inconsistency in the listing of the colleges that are called out into the separate category of top liberal arts colleges. Some are again listed in the alphabetical list (Smith, Harvey Mudd), some are not (Bates, Bowdoin)

@DeniseC, sorry for the late reply. I’ve asked my colleagues to look into this. We should have this updated asap.




@CCadmin_Sorin, could you get an update on the status of this request? Thanks!

7 1/2 years after the first request was made these colleges (Bates, Bowdoin, Bryn Mawr) are still not on the alphabetical list. Sigh. :frowning:

And some were getting impatient when their requests dating back to the overhaul of CC (Jan 2014) have apparently been ignored! 7.5 years. Wow! :open_mouth:

The community would benefit if this was addressed. The forum would be less confusing and easier to use. Colleges would be easier to find. This is not a difficult fix. It does not require inventing a new way. It requires applying some consistency to list handling.

Please consider making your alphabetical list of colleges include each and every college that has a forum here.

I can’t believe this has been almost 10 years in waiting…

So sorry for the long wait on this. I remember we tried to address this at one point last year and realized it’s slightly more complex than we initially had thought. I’ll talk to my colleague to reopen this ticket and see what can be done to get it fixed this time. Thanks!

@CCadmin_Sorin Bates and Bowdoin have been in the CC Top Liberal Arts Colleges section for a long time. I personally don’t know if they have to be in the alpha list, too.

The schools which show in the alpha with a link seem to be the more actively mentioned.

Please consider including all colleges with forum pages in
It seems to be matter of adding the name of the college and a link to its page.

Some schools are done this way, like Berkeley and UCLA and the Ivies. Some are not, like Bates.

Thank you for correcting this and adding the missing schools to the alphabetical list!

This took a while to get fixed, but the alphabetic list should be complete now. Thanks!