Please Add Colleges to My List

I have a list of colleges I’m interested in, but I’m worried I’m missing something. Appreciate any suggestions.

About me:
Caucasian female, Midwest (Michigan), junior in HS
3.99 unweighted GPA
1360 PSAT, aiming for a 1450 SAT (got 1400 on practice test, haven’t received scores yet for real thing)
Taking a good course load, but my school doesn’t offer APs
Mock Trial 4 years, A team 2 years, 8-time State champ team. We meet 8 hrs/week during season.
School Newspaper 3 years, Editor 2 years, nationally recognized newspaper, I’ve won several MIPA state awards for my articles.
Forum Council (student government) representative last year and Vice President this year.
National Honor Society
Photography- large portfolio of work, was a teacher assistant for my photo teacher, have been in art shows and get paid gigs to photograph events/ take senior photos

What I’m looking for in a college:
Small LAC (around 2,000 sounds good to me, but plus or minus is okay)
Warm weather!! is a huge bonus for me. I need to get out of the Great Lakes region (it’s always overcast and cold.)
Major: something in the social science department, maybe political science
Little to no course requirements. Individualized majors that you can design yourself also sound really cool to me.
Doesn’t need to be highly prestigious but students should be smart and studious.
I prefer east coast over west coast (closer to family)
Good study abroad program, good student diversity
No preference about public vs. private, rural vs. city, all women’s vs. co-ed. As far as paying for it, I will worry about that later.

My List
New College of Florida (visited, liked, although very small)
Massachusetts consortium: Amherst, Hampshire, or Smith
Claremont consortium: Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, or Scripps
Brown University (I know it’s a reach, but this is the one Ivy League I’m interested in)
Oberlin (my mom went there so I have a legacy, but it’s a little close to home)
Sarah Lawrence
Safety schools: Eckerd, Goucher, St. Mary’s of Maryland, Agnes Scott, Juniata, Ursinus, Warren Wilson are all possibilities.

Thank you so much!