Please advice me about my daughter _ Honest opinion

<p>Hi! Guys I need your honest opinion:</p>

<p>Can my daughter get in Ivy League college:</p>

<p>1) GPA 4.0
2) PSAT 213 - SAT 2130
3) 500 Hours of Volunteer work
4) Going for 4 Subject SAT
5) Going for 2 AP subject test</p>

<p>Please advice what else she need to do for Ivy League admission.
We do not have many friends in this country to turn for an advice.</p>

<p>Your honest comments are appreciated</p>

<p>Depends on what college but also what grade is she in?</p>

<p>You mention you're not from the US -- ethnicity could help with admission as well.</p>

<p>you should probably post this in the what are your chacnes forum, but they'll say the same thing I will, ivys are extremely tough to getinto unless you have a hook. No offense, but 2130 SAT is average or even slightly low for ivy, what type of volunteer work? Did she take the toughest courses? Ivys are a big crapshoot for even themost qualified of applicants.</p>

Your post in another thread reads:</p>

<p>"I am getting more than 60% answers wrong in Geometry. Is there any book I can study or book with just Geometry problems, which can help me?"</p>

<p>Since this is just another 'What are my chances?' post, I'd suggest you quit trying to pretend that you are a parent, and go post this in the proper forum.</p>

<p>She is in 11th Grade
She is not qualified for Minority Preference.</p>

<p>Please suggest proper forum - If you can.

<p>I love how people here specifically mention Ivies. HOW ABOUT JUST GOING TO A FREAKING GOOD SCHOOL????!?!?!? /caps</p>

<p>Good school would be fine too.

<p>if you are a parent why do you need help on geometry and reading comprehension.
also you should be able to find the what are my chances threads by looking around CC for a few minutes.</p>

<p>Vegan, maybe they put geometry and reading comprehension on the Citizenship test. No longer do you need to know that George Washington was the first president and George Bush is the current president, but you need to know vertical angles, analogies, supplemental angles, etc. :P LOL</p>

<p>Diku got owned</p>

<p>You guys are pretty cold. Does it really matter who this person is? The point is, s/he is asking for help. And you're all just being really rude about it.</p>

<p>dude diku and her parents could just be sharing 1 account...</p>

<p>^yeah, that's the first thing that came to my mind.</p>

<p>Diku; here's the "What are my chances" forum:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>post this same topic in that forum; you'll probably have more luck there.
PS: Be sure to mention what kind of volunteer work she did; etc...</p>