PLEASE, advise for my SAT II score

<p>I am a rising senior and looking forward to do early registeration for collge </p>

<p>Well i took the SAT II on math ii and chem for the first time this June, 5 </p>

<p>and I got 630 on both... </p>

<p>I self studied for about a week or less for both before taking them...( I always end up not studying much... even though i know I musn't..) </p>

<p>Would it be possible that I get over 700 on both when i take both again this November? ( If i study enough? like for a month so...sigh...)</p>

<p>Advise please... :-(</p>

<p>Hi there. If you study hard, im sure you'll end up getting more :D dont be sad, you can choose which SAT 2 scores to send! Just study harder for the next time :D</p>

<p>don't be discouraged, they are hard tests! just STUDY this summer!</p>

<p>thanks..:-) i hope repeatedly solving practice tests would bring my score up.. i even took ap chem and precal..</p>

<p>Buy the two books, or if you want get them from your local library, they probably have them. Read the through the review material and take all the practice tests. You've got plenty of time to study. Relax and I'm sure you'll do fine.</p>

<p>Yeah, you have all summer to study.</p>

<p>My son used Barron's for Math II, Princeton Review for Chem and Sparknotes also have some good practice tests.</p>

<p>Most people use Barron's for Math II, the Sparknotes tests, and the two tests in the Collegeboard Official Guide in Mathematics. Practice is essential, but be sure that you know all the material covered on the test.</p>

<p>first revise knowledge then do practice tests</p>

<p>thank you so much for all informations and cheers! but do you guys have any idea what book is good for studying SAT ii Literature?</p>

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<p>A - Accurate practice tests.
B - Good for learning material you don't know.
C - Easy to read and understand.
D - Not a lot of superfluous material.
E - Teacher recommendation.
F - Slightly harder than the real thing. (Write F+ if it's a lot harder than the real thing)
G - Good practice questions (outside of the practice tests)
H - A lot of practice tests (more than 4)</p>

<p>English Literature:</p>

<li><p>Kaplan (C, F, G, H)
The review sections are generally superfluous (unless you need a review of literary terms), but the practice tests are great, though they are slightly more difficult than the actual test in that they use more esoteric words (hey, better overprepared than under, right?). For best results, you may want to use it with the Princeton Review book (see below).
Reviewer’s score: 780.</p></li>
<li><p>Princeton Review (A, C, G)
I felt that their practice tests were more similar to the actual test than Kaplan's, though their review sections are similarly redundant. Quantity, however, seems to matter over quality, so if you must choose either PR or Kaplan, I would go with Kaplan.
Reviewer’s score: 780.</p></li>
<li><p>Barron’s (B, C, F, G, H)
Very comprehensive and complete. It contains everything you could possibly look for in a prep book, including excellent explanations and practice questions. Goes above and beyond the necessary material (it even contains an essay-writing section).</p></li>


<p>Above information is from the link provided. I think quite a few of the posts in that thread recommend Barron's.</p>

<p>thanks :-)</p>