Please, advise me....

<p>Okay I am going to apply to several very selective colleges (wash u, northwestern, cornell, tufts, emory, colgate, amherst among others), and my issue is this: SAT: 2150 (V 750 W 750 M 650) ACT: Composite 32 SAT II's: Math IC 620 US Hist 640 Spanishs 660 AP's (so far): US Hist 5 Spanish Lang. 4.
Obviously the issue is the SAT II's. I plan on retaking them in October, but lets assume for now that I do not improve much. Tufts and Amherst allow the ACT in place of the SAT and SAT II's and of those other schools only Cornell requires SAT II's without the ACT option (the others reccomend or have them as "optional"). What I need advice on is this: I want to send both my SAT I and ACT scores as I feel they are both very good (despite what some CC'ers think) and when broken down they balance eachother out well (did better on math and science on ACT and better on verbal and writing on SAT), I feel that colleges seeing both would really benefit me...but that means they will see my SAT II's. My first question is, 1)at Tufts and Amherst should I send both or just my ACT score? and at the others (besides Cornell which obviously require SAT II's) should I just send my ACT and or should I send both (take into account both the schools that "reccomend" them and have them as "optional")? please, help...I need it. Thanks</p>


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<p>dude just study for the SATII's and i'm sure you'll do fine. With only modest improvements, your SATII's still won't keep you out anywhere. Go for 700+ on each test. I would send both SAT and ACT</p>

<p>i think for all the schools you should send both reports. let them decide what your better scores are (and they will). also, some schools (particularly new england schools) are rumored to frown on the ACT, so take that into consideration when you start talking about only sending your ACT to schools like Tufts and Amherst. i say don't overthink it. both of your score reports (ACT and SAT) have their strong send them both. </p>

<p>colleges really do accept people based on their strongest scores. i got into cornell with an SAT report that had a couple reallly bad scores from a bad test date. i worried about the admissions officers seeing that, but in reality they really do work with your best scores. dont stress it. good luck!</p>

<p>also why didnt you take the SAT II Lit? with your 750's in the verbal really should take that test</p>

<p>yeah I plan on taking lit during my re-take parade in October</p>

<p>Both your SAT I, just 1400, and ACT are low for unhooked candidates at your schools. Best bet raise the ACT 2 points.</p>

<p>I have been told that in the eyes of a college admissions officer that there is not much of a difference in the 32-36 range because they are all 99th percentile, is that correct?</p>

<p>Just send your ACT. You dont need to show them your SAT scores. Having your GPA could help us tell you how much ur sat 1 or act must improve but as of now, even with a nice GPA some of those schools are good matches for you but are not by any means safeties. I hope you have a state school or some other schools that you have in mind to apply on top of those 7.</p>

<p>my GPA is a 3.77 unweighted at a highly competitive prep school that sends about 8 kids out of 90 to ivies per year and the majority of the rest going to schools considered to be just below ivies with the remaining just going to Univeristy Colorado-Boulder, considered to be the top highschool in the rocky mountain region. Yeah I need help coming up with schools outside of those 7 that would be like 75% chance of acceptance.</p>

<p>bump...send just ACT or both ACT and SAT potentially risking them seeing the bad SAT II's....</p>

<p>Colleges will know your SAT II scores even if you don't write them down on the application. (Thank you, Collegeboard).</p>

<p>yes I realize that, that is why I am asking what scores I should send</p>