Please chance a rising high school junior for VU?

<p>9th Grade (school doesnt weight 9th grade classes)
+ Honors SS (A)
+ Honors Eng (A)
+ Geometry (Accelerated Math) (A)
+ Gym (A)
+ Chorus (A)
+ Orchestra (A)
+ Honors Science (A)
+ Honors Spanish (A) </p>

<pre><code> 10th Grade

<li>APUSH (A) (5 on AP Exam) (APUSH is the only AP they allow sophomores to take)</li>
<li>Honors English (A)</li>
<li>Honors Biology (A-)</li>
<li>Honors Chem (A-)</li>
<li>Middle Childhood (Human Development Course) (A)</li>
<li>Digital Imaging (A)</li>
<li>Gym/ Health (A)</li>
<li>Honors Spanish (A)
Cumulative GPA= 4.0867</li>

<p>I slipped in 10th grade with the A-'s and plan on acing my Junior Year schedule, which is as follows:</p>

<li>AP Euro</li>
<li>AP Calc AB</li>
<li>AP Enviornmental</li>
<li>AP Lang</li>
<li>Honors Spanish 4 </li>
<li>Early Childhood Development</li>

<pre><code>12th Grade
<li><p>AP Macro</p></li>
<li><p>AP Stat</p></li>
<li><p>AP Bio</p></li>
<li><p>AP Physics (I'm unsure which one)</p></li>
<li><p>AP Spanish</p></li>
<li><p>AP Lit</p></li>


- Select Choir
- Select Orchestra Ensemble
- National Junior Honor Society
- MANY community service projects/ fundraisers with school
- MUCH church involvement/ community service projects/ volunteer work (Vacation Bible School, etc.)
- Varsity Cheerleading</p>

- Student Council (Orchestrating various fundraisers, community service events, etc)
- Key Club (more fundraisers, community service)
- Varsity Cheerleading
- Church involvement (above)</p>

- OEG (soldier support club, sends packages/ fundraises for US soldiers in Iraq)
- Key Club
- Student Council
- ^ A lot of involvement and community service comes from these clubs
- Church involvement</p>

- ^ same as 11th, may run for student council officer position</p>

<p>** I have recieved a few academic awards and certificates, although I don't know how prestigious they really are?</p>

<p>** School doesn't rank, but I have one of the higher GPA's</p>

<p>** I have not taken any SAT's yet but I did get a 191 on the PSATs, which I know is very low but I did not study for the test at all, and also had never taken any sort of test like it. Since, I have been studying rigorously for the SAT's which I will take next year. MY score will definitely improve from the PSAT- SAT predicted score of 1910.</p>

<p>** I'm not sure what I'd like to major in, both Biology and History intrest me, as does the prospect of teaching.</p>

<p>** I am Hispanic, not sure if this helps my chances?</p>

<p>** I registered for a saturday visit and am on the VU mailing list, I definitely am showing a lot of interest in VU.</p>

<p>So, assuming all goes well (Straight A's, 5's on all AP Exams, successful EC involvement, raised SAT Score) what are my chances? </p>

<p>Thank you!! :)</p>

<p>Seems to be a common question asked here. Without answering yes or no, I think you have a great chance at getting into many colleges or universities, not just Nova. The most impressive thing you stated was that you are showing interest by visiting the campus. If you haven't noticed, everyone posting here is a strait A student (or better). That in itself doesn't say much. The reputation and quality of the high school is important also. If a college has 20 people from the same school applying and all have strait A's, it doesn't make the school look competative. Sure it helps to have A's, but the EC's, class rank, teacher recs, and aid requested all make a difference.</p>

<p>I'd give you an incomplete on chances , but with excellent potential.</p>

<p>Hard to assess with only 2yrs of HS , but you are on the right track taking a rigorous schedule , but be careful.10 AP's junior & senior year will be very difficult. If you struggle with your course load or do poorly on SAT test that will hurt.
That's why it is impossible to chance you now.</p>

<p>But be yourself and be unique!
And have fun in High School! </p>

<p>Hispanic will help your application , especially if you are of Puerto Rico , Mexico or Dominican heritage , very under represented on campus.</p>