Please chance an international applicant to relatively competitive LACs

GPA: 9.2/10 (my country's system's scale is 10, 9.2 is a very high score)
SAT I: 2170 (CR: 650; M: 740; W: 780 - Essay 10)
SAT II: Math 2: 800; Math 1: 730 but Im not going to submit M1 score
Rank: 1% of a class of 600+
In this system, it's compulsory to take twelve subjects and the curriculum are known to be challenging among many adcoms</p>

<p>*Background: *
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Female
Citizenship: Vietnam
Took 1 gap year</p>

<p>**Award: **very humble I have to say
Second Prize - English competition for the talented (this one is competitive since the first and other seconds have all gone to top schools in the States)
RMIT University (Australia) award for high school student (based on overall academic performance and campus contribution)</p>

National Museum of Art: volunteer curator assistant (11th, 12th grade and post-graduate)
Pediatrics Hospital: volunteer (10th, 11th, 12th grade)
Large Neighborhood: clean-up and tree planting campaign (9th, 10th, 11th, PG)
School's official website: administrator (11th and 12th)
A popular student-run book club: facilities and event manager (11th, 12th and PG)
Art appreciation club of 100+ members: vice-president (11th and 12th)
Military Institute of Science - Medical Equipment Factory: intern (12th and PG)
Fashion magazine: collaborator (12th and PG)</p>

<p>Essay: it should be good or at least decent
LoRs: one from a close chemistry teacher who has a PhD.; one from an experienced history teacher; one from vice-principal of my school and one from my uncle who is a Harvard alumni and working as an influential officer in the government. - all are greatly positive about me according to what im told
Interviews: none
Contribution: $15000/year (Im worried that this will become a huge odd to me)</p>

<p>Intended Major and Minor: Economics and Art History, respectively</p>

<p>School list:
- Reach:
Mount Holyoke College (ED II)
Lehigh University
Brandeis University
St.Olaf College
Wheaton College (MA)
Skidmore College
Rhodes College
- Match:
DePauw University
Luther College
- Safe: I don't think I can choose a safe school with such contribution</p>

<p>Please please please chance me</p>

<p>Any recommendations for me ?</p>

<p>Bump ! I’ll chance back !</p>

<p>You have a good to excellent chance at many of these schools. The problem, of course, is that with a EFC of only $15000/yr, you have a large unmet need. Many of these schools claim to meet full need; some do not. You should carefully check the web sites of each school, and see what they say about aid to international students. You could also contact the financial aid office directly to see what their policies are. You do seem to have a good mix of schools on your list.</p>

<p>Yeah I think you have chance at these schools. But to my best knowledge, this kind of LACs are often generous to students from Vietnam (not to every single student but most of them). Have hope :)</p>

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<p>John: Thanks, John :slight_smile: The pool Im from is really competitive, Im not sure my chance can be that high. </p>

<p>Charlotte: Yeah, that’s what Im talking about. What would you comment on my academics stat ?</p>


<p>I’ll chance back any one chancing me.</p>

<p>Hmm…your academic stats would definitely place you in the “competitive” pool at all your colleges. However, keep in mind that as an international applicant, preference will be averted from you towards domestic and instate applicants (It’s not racism, just how most colleges in the U.S. works due to state and national funding…). Despite, there are internationals who are admitted to these colleges every year and contribute both diversely and intellectually. You are definitely one of them, as you have shown your academic capabilities through your class rank and SAT’s (Also, do not take both the Math II and Math I SAT as most schools will only accept one, and did you only take those Subject Tests?).</p>

<p>Make sure you write a very very unique and personal essay, as statistics have shown that STANDING OUT in an admissions pool is much much more important than that extra 50 points on your SAT. </p>

<p>Best of luck in your applications,</p>


<p>Oh dear :D</p>

<p>You’re applying to schools that have a higher acceptance rate than the ones I’ve applied to, and my SAT score is 1990, though 1390 M + CR.
My EFC is also a bit lower than yours, so…according to that, I’m screwed if you think those are reach schools.</p>

<p>Anyway, good luck (:</p>

<p>I do believe that it depends on which pool Im from but I think I can have hope :(</p>

<p>Piano: thanks for the encouragement :). I will submit writing sample too though intl students are normally not required to submit. This sample I wrote about a controversial fashion editorial about which Im specially passionate. Does submitting this thing help or hurt my chance ? I mean… Im not trained to write papers, I wrote just because I feel an urge to write it…</p>

<p>Quite impressive stats…and the college list is well balanced…I myself am going for Rhodes and st olaf…and the contribution is not too low as u say it is…judging by ur stats and the clogs ur applying, I hope u get in a nice place with a good aid package… :)</p>


<p>By all means, submit the sample. However, I would only recommend that you submit it IF AND ONLY IF the essay shows a facet of your personality or adds depth to your application. If it is simply a soulless research paper or a “letter to the editor”, then I would not recommend you send it simply because it adds no “depth” or help the admissions committee “see” you. </p>

<p>So, if you feel like the sample reflects who you are and you can hear your distinct voice in it, then I strongly recommend you submit it. If it doesn’t, then either revise the essay or just don’t submit it at all.</p>



<p>Im positive that the content is insightful and indicative of my ardent research. But I’ve never been officially trained to write papers so when writing, the only resort was a style manual for APA, MLA and Chicago. But I guess I’ll attach a document to explain…</p>

<p>Guys, how about Barnard ? Barnard is actually my dream school but Im not very confident, Im thinking about not applying at all…</p>

<p>I firmly believe that you will get into every single one of these schools</p>

<p>Haha thanks, pal. Good luck with Ivies too :)</p>

<p>Anyone who happens to visit this thread: please chance me. I’ll chance back if you have any chance thread</p>

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