PLEASE Chance for Ivy League!


<p>SAT I (breakdown): Reading-710, Math-750, Writing-740 (2200 :( )
ACT (breakdwon): Math-34, Reading-28, Science-32, Writing-30 COMPOSITE:31
SAT II: Math II-780, Biology M-730, Chemistry-710
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.9
Rank: Top 5% (out of a class of 410)
AP: European History and US History (5) , Calc AB and Biology (4), Statistics (3)
IB: None
Senior Year Course Load: AP Physics C, AP English Literature, AP French, AP US Government/Honors Economics (dual course), AP Computer Science, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry
Major Awards: National Merit Commended, AP Scholar with Distinction</p>


<p>Extracurriculars: Varsity Academic Team Captain, Science Olympiad President and Founder, Math Olympiad, Math Club Vice President, Mock Trial Lead Defense Lawyer and Vice President, National Honors Society (Thanksgiving and Habitat for Humanity Committee Chair), Varsity History Bowl Captain, Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America (qualified for regionals 1st place twice), National French Honors Society
Job/Work Experience: None
Volunteer/Community Service: 70 Hours at Local Rehabilitation Hospital, 40 Hours at Maternity Ward in India, 40 Hours at Senior Care Center, 10 Hours at National Tamil Foundation Fundraiser, EMT (80+ Hours), Research Paper on String Theory
Essays: Very Good, Really In-Depth, Revealed a lot about myself.
Teacher Recommendation: Very Good
Counselor Rec: Very Good
Additional Rec: Pretty Good
Interview (with Harvard): Went REALLY well, knew a lot about his work, showed him a lot about myself, showed that I was unique, he was very interested in my personality (in a good way :D)</p>


<p>State: Pennsylvania
School: Somewhat competitive
Ethnicity: South Asian
Income: 175-180K
Hooks: Nah, nothing much</p>


<p>Strengths: EC's, volunteer, research paper
Weaknesses: Scores and rank</p>

<p>Please Chance!! Will Chance Back!! I am probably not that competitive, but how about for Accelerated Pre-Med Programs @ Drexel, Temple, and Rice??</p>

<p>Thanks so much!!</p>

<p>Correct, not that competitive at ivies. Decent shot at the first 2 med programs though.</p>

<p>Thanks, hopefully I can show the med programs more about myself.</p>

<p>Bump. Anyone else? I will chane back...What about at Dartmouth and Penn, I know they are also incredibly tough to get in, but I have a legacy at Dartmouth's Tuck Business school, any help at all?</p>

<p>I would also like to add that by Mid-Year Reports and whatnot, I will be around 7/8 out of 410, which is not a huge help to my predicament, but I feel its alright. Thanks for any support!</p>

<p>Could you also chance at Cornell? I visited there and it is absolutely stunning. I will chance back if you could please chance mine!</p>


<p>Bump! Thanks again.</p>

<p>Bumpp. Please post</p>