Please Chance .. Georgia Tech or Other ?

<p>Im currently a Junior in Georgia that plans to major in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, i consider myself a minority since im Brazilian which is rare in GA tech idk if that would help any ? </p>

<li>Will probably need FA since only my dad works with income lower than 40K</li>

<p>3.6 GPA (Weighted), 3.5 (Unweighted)</p>

<p>Class Rank - 19 out of 643</p>

<p>Cumulative Grade Percent Average - 94.167</p>

<p>SAT Score:
(540 Math/ 540 Reading/ 520 Writing = 1600 (Plan to take 2 more times this year)</p>

<p>AP Credit (so far):
Human Geography - 3
World History - 4
European Geography - 3</p>

<p>Waiting on AP Scores (estimated score):
- Physics B (3)
- Psychology (3-4)
- US history (3-4)
- Lang / Comp (3-4)</p>

<p>AP classes Senior Year:
- American Lit
- Calculus AB
- Physics C
- Econ / Micro
- Biology</p>

- Beta Club (Soph, Juninor, and will take Senior)
- Science Olympiad (will take Senior)
- Church Orquestra ?
- Junior Marshall</p>

<p>*Will take more ECs Senior year</p>

<li>My big question is, what do i need to improve to elevate my chances of getting in, im looking on getting a Computer Science Major, or Software Engineering, something with computer and software</li>

<p>Thanks =]</p>

<p>Hey! We're twins. I'm a junior applying for Computer Engineering at Gtech also. I'm Hispanic so minority as well and only my dad works and makes less than 40k too. </p>

<p>Your SATs are quite low. But don't worry my 1st SATs sucked and my 2nd ones are not too good either but I plan to get 2000-2100 on my third try. You should study for your second and third times and try to get a 2000+ with a 700 in math since your going for CS. The GPA is not bad but it can be better, try to raise it up a bit. </p>

<p>You have good AP classes and even better that you're passing the exams. I think you have a good shot, just study for the SATs and try to pull off As your last semester and senior year.</p>

<p>hey thnx, ya im tryin to see if i can get in, i figured my SAT was low ..</p>

<p>Your stats are very low for Tech. To be competitive, you need to increase your Math SAT score by 150 points and Reading and Writing by about 130 each. Your GPA is also low for Tech. The EC's are below average. You have good class selection (lots of AP). </p>

<p>To have a shot at Tech, you need to really hunker down. Study like crazy for the SAT to get the scores way up, and work to bring up your GPA as much as possible.</p>

<p>i see, ill be sure to try hard this year ... but lets say i dont get accepted, would UGA be considered a fall back or what other school in GA would be a good runner up ?</p>

<p>I would still apply, but your current scores are a little low for UGA as well. Georgia State and GCSU are good matches for you. Keep in mind, though, that's worst case (assuming your GPA and SAT scores don't get any better). If you retake the SAT and your Math score goes up by 100 points, you'll need to reassess. </p>

<p>You might want to also look at some of the regional engineering programs for Tech. Savannah State, Georgia Southern, and AASU all have guaranteed transfer programs to Tech.</p>

<p>o0o man, i thought i had at least UGA set...ughh, i thought that the AP credit and the AP classes would stand out</p>

<p>So if my Math SAT score goes up by 100, i have a chance at tech? , i really want to go there straight out of HS</p>

<p>If you improve your Math score by 150, you'd be near average on that, but still below average on everything else. You need to also improve the other sections of the SAT by 100+ each, and try to get your UWGPA up by .1-.2. Then you'll be competitive.</p>

<p>The number of AP classes you've taken is impressive. But, of your 11 courses, only 4 are math/science based. And of those, you won't get any credit for Physics B. For the other 7, you won't get credit for any of the 3's and you'll only get credit for one of Lang/Comp and Lit.</p>

<p>o0o i see, i kno their selection is not jus based on GPA, SAT, what else do they also look for ?</p>

<p>Class difficulty, primarily math and science, EC's, awards, honors, and essay.</p>