please chance, greatly appreciated

<p>Hello, i am hoping to get into JHU as a Biophysics major in fall of '12. what do you think?</p>

<p>SAT: 640 CR, 740 Math, 570 Writing (i know it's quite low)</p>

<p>SAT II: 710 Math II, 740 Physics</p>

Unweighted: 93
Weighted: 94 (only 3% weighting for all classes above standard)
Class Rank: 26 out of 440</p>

AP European History 3 (sophmore)
AP Language and Composition 4 (junior)
AP Biology 5 (senior)
AP Calc BC 5 (senior, not offered in our school)</p>

<p>College courses:
Teaching the topic of diversity - (B+) sophmore (summer program)
Teaching teachers to teach diversity (a part 2 of the first) - (A-) junior (summer program)
American Political History and Society I + II - (B+'s) junior
Algebra and Trig - (A+'s) junior
English 101 + 102 - (B+'s) senior
National government - (A-) senior
Intermediate Spanish IV - (A+) senior
Calculus I + II - (A+'s) senior
ecosystem studies - (A-) senior (summer program)</p>

Band - freshman and sophmore
Music Theory - junior
Upper level Band - senior
Choir - freshman
Upper level Choir - sophmore
Theory of Knowledge - junior</p>

Track and field sprinter (sophmore-senior), Tennis (junior-senior), Self-teaching of foreign languages (junior-senior), relay for life and blood doner (junior-senior), mock trial lawyer (senior), tutor (junior), outside of school band that has performed numerous times at school fundraiser shows (sophmore-junior), jazz band (senior), prive lessons for percussion (sophmore-senior), </p>

<p>Work Experience:
Four years as a host at a local diner; 12 hours weekly</p>

College American History professor as well as tennis coach and mock trial coach (very good recommendation)
Chemistry teacher (good recommendation)</p>

High honor roll (never had a GPA below 90)
NHS member
Academic Excellence in Physics
Nominatee of Scholarships For Academic Excellence Scholarship
Summer Medical Academy certificate of completion (a 3 week introductary course to non-physician medicine)
Certificates of completion for college courses and summer programs</p>

<p>Additional Information:
A general trend throughout high school has been a steady increase in my GPA. It began as a freshman with a 92, then as a sophmore with 93, a junior with 95 and a senior with 98.
Would admitting to having a learning disability improve my chances, knowing that i surpassed it to be as successful as seen above? (they may be looking for a diverse student body or ability to pass adversity)</p>

All throuroughly checked for any grammatical errors:
1. (general) Address my intention to research
2. (supp) Biophysics: address my passion for and how it came to be
3. (supp) Latin: the intrigue of the Language of the Romans, as well as Latin percussion.</p>

-Parent divorced
-low income</p>

<p>Reasons i may be accepted: character
1.) Muscian
2.) Work experience
3.) Strong recommendations and Essays
4.) Steep improvement in grades my senior year (trend throughout high school)
5.) amount of college courses</p>

<p>Reasons i may be denied: academical
1.) below average standardized testing scores (comparitive to other applicants at JH)
2.) below average GPA (comparitive to other applicants at JH)
3.) Lack of awards
4.) lack of AP's (i took the equivelant college courses instead)</p>