PLEASE chance me!!!!!! (And a quick question...)

<p>GPA: 4.0 (I go to a small private school so there is no honors classes or weighted classes)</p>

<p>SAT: 2300
SATII: 770 Chem, 800 Math, 800 Physics
ACT: 33</p>

-volunteer work: I do a program with special needs Children three times a week, volunteer in hospitals, and with other random things--overall have about 250 hours of service
-sports: on the basketball team all four years, team captain last two; I'm a certified lifeguard (kind of random, idk if that means anything); I fence and play tennis
-clubs: Founder and President of the Debate Team, was the lead in the school musical two years running
-random: I do the Waterloo Math contests and scored highest of my school and top %5</p>

-part time job: I run a daycare every Saturday morning
-music: I have a Royal Conservatory of Music credit piano, I play guitar, and I have a self made album
-art: I paint murals for my school and have done a lot of paintings. Love to draw and paint and have won and award for a painting
-languages: I can read, speak and write Hebrew (better speaking and translating Ancient Hebrew though), and I can read, speak and write French
-summers: did a drama program that I got a college credit for, hoping to do a medical program this summer, went to France for a week and Israel for two to study the culture and language</p>

<p>Pleasseee give me advice on what to do or things I should try or take on. And tell me if anything in here is pointless please! </p>

<p>OH and my question: My school doesn't offer AP courses so I figured I'd do them on my own and take the exams to get a college credit. Recently just found out that taking the exams doesn't really mean much--even if I score well. Colleges mostly just want to see you've taken the course. So, should I bother taking them? </p>

<p>THANK YOU! :)</p>

<p>Even if I don't take the course? :/ I mean, whats the point of APs then?</p>

<p>There's a couple uses for AP exams. One, it's a way to get college credit at some universities, but two, the score you receive from the exam is helpful for an adcom to gauge your mastery of a subject with respect to the thousands of other kids in the nation who take that exam.</p>

<p>So it's a lot more impressive to say "I self-studied for several AP subjects" and have strong scores to back it up than to just claim you've studied. </p>

<p>Also, some colleges that might not give you credit from AP exams (Harvard) have prerequisites that deal with scores from the AP exam.</p>

<p>Does that help?

<p>A lot thank you so much! :)</p>

<p>bump...chance me...plzzz?????</p>

<p>.....srsly? No one?</p>