Please chance me!!! And i will chance you back most definitely =d

<p>Hey guys, thanks for coming to my thread. As the thread says, if you CHANCE ME, I’ll CHANCE YOU. Alright, so I’m wondering about my chances for the following schools:</p>

<p>Boston College:
Brandeis University:

<p>Please chance me and tell me my weaknesses/strengths. Be truthful. I know my GPA isn’t the highest, and I have B’s and B- on my transcript for final grades. Latin class I never got the hang of and didn’t care for. For math for two years, I had a crazy female Chinese teacher who treated every math test as if it were a math contest. By the way, Boston College is one of my favorites on the college list. I really like the campus and how it’s not too far from where I live right now.</p>

<p>Consider this also:
I attend a prestigious high school in Massachusetts. Each year it sends around 30 students to Ivy League schools. Around 25 of these go to Harvard College. Basically, my Head Master can just call the President of Harvard and recommend any student she wants to be accepted (this actually happened with this guy I know, who had a weighted GPA of 3.65). I live in a certain part of my town in which there are land disputes with Harvard. Around 5 kids in my town are accepted each year by Harvard. It is much easier for kids from my town to get into Harvard than any kids supposedly.</p>


<p>Top 20 National Public High School in Massachusetts</p>

<p>Race: Chinese (1st Generation)
Gender: Male
Socioeconomic Class: Middle</p>

<p>GPA: 4.08 Weighted</p>

<p>Rank: We don’t rank, but most likely within 60/350.</p>

<p>SAT: 2240</p>

<p>SAT Chemistry: 740
SAT US History: 770
SAT Chinese: 750
SAT Math 2: 750</p>

<p>AP Chemistry: 4
AP US History: 5
AP Computer Science: 4</p>

<p>Essay & Recommendations: Pretty Good</p>


  1. President of Red Cross Club
  2. President of Invisible Children Club
  3. Secretary of Asian-American Club
  4. Co-Captain of Science Olympiad Team
  5. Co-Captain of Men’s Varsity Swim Team
  6. Co-Chair of American Red Cross Youth Advisory Board
  7. Copy-Editor Chief for School Newspaper
  8. Member of Project-Booknet
  9. Member of School Volunteering Club
  10. Piano
  11. National Honor Society
  12. Official Red Cross Volunteer</p>

<li>- EXPAND: Raised $1,300 for Measles Vaccines, Held Anti-Youth Violence Forums/Concerts, Raised $1,500 for Malaria Vaccines, Raised $1,200 for Disaster Relief Fund Deficit, Raised $3,000 for China’s Sichuan Earthquake, Taught CPR and Choke Safe</li>
<li>- EXPAND: Raised $4,000 for Schools in northern Uganda.</li>


  1. 45 Hours @ Cambridge Hospital
  2. 90 Hours Tutoring @ Library
  3. 70 Hours @ School Library
  4. 20 Hours @ School Main Office
  5. 50 Hours of Random Stuff
  6. 120 Hours of Red Cross Volunteering</p>


  1. Harvard College Library’s Yenching Library as Summer Job
  2. Internship for Minority Program @ Harvard Medical School as Summer Job
  3. Working at Library (Get Paid & Get Hours)</p>


  1. 3 Programs at Harvard Medical School for Minorities
  2. Studied Arabic in the Summer (a Full Year’s Course)</p>


  1. Biography Essay Won Award & Published in The Nucleus Magazine
  2. 1st Place Herpetology for Science Olympiad
  3. 1st Place Herpetology for Science Olympiad 2nd Time
  4. 2nd Place in Health Sciences for Science Olympiad
  5. 1st Place in Health Sciences for Science Olympiad
  6. 3rd Place in Ecology for Science Olympiad
  7. 2nd Place in Chemistry Lab for Science Olympiad
  8. 1st Place @ MIT Science Trivia Contest (after 3 Attempts within 3 Years) - Prize was Lunch with a Nobel Prize Winner
  9. High-Level Novice Accredited Arabic Speaker
  10. Red Cross Accredited in First Aid, Choke Safe, AED, CPR</p>

9th ~
Algebra 2 Honors: B
Biology: A-
English 9: A
Latin 3: B
Chinese 2: A-
World History 1: A</p>

<p>10th ~
Geometry Honors: B-
Chemistry: A
English 10: A-
Latin 4: B
Chinese 3: A
World History 2: A</p>

<p>11th ~
Pre-Calculus Honors: A-
Chemistry AP: A-
English 11 Honors: A
Computer Science AP: B+
Chinese 4 Honors: A
US History AP: A</p>

<p>12 ~ (So Far)
Calculus AB AP: A-
Biology AP: A
English: A
Physics: A-
Chinese AP: A
Economics: A</p>

<p>Boston College: match
Brandeis University: match
Brown: high match
Northwestern: match
UChicago: high match
Columbia: low reach (for everyone)
Harvard: reach (for everyone)
Cornell: high match
NYU: low match
Yale: reach (for everyone)
Stanford: low reach
Princeton: low reach
Dartmouth: low reach
UPenn: high match</p>

<p>Boston College:high match
Brandeis University: match
Brown: high match
Northwestern: match
UChicago: high match
Columbia: low reach
Harvard: high reach
Cornell: low reach
NYU: high match
Yale:high reach
Stanford: reach
Princeton: high reach
Dartmouth: match
UPenn: high match
now chance me
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<p>boston college: high match
brandeis: match
brown: high match
northwestern: high match
columbia: low reach
harvard; mid-reach
cornell: high match
nyu: high match
yale: high reach
stanford: high reach
dartmouth: low reach
upenn: low reach.
uchicago: high reach</p>