Please Chance Me??:) Any hope?

<p>I applied EA for Pre-Med/Biology. Here are my stats:
SAT: Math 640, CR: 540 :(, Writing: 610, Composite: 1790.
GPA: Weighted (4.28), my school does not do unweighted GPAs.
Top 3% of my class (13 of 406). </p>

-Treasurer (3 yrs) of Student Government (4 yrs)
-Vice President of National Honor Society
-Spanish Club
-Math & Library Clubs
-Outdoor Club
-Homecoming Co-Chair (2 yrs), Diabetes Walk-Chair, various other committees.</p>

<p>Outside of School:
-Hospital Volunteer (200+ hours) in the department of my intended field (radiology).
-President of an international volunteer organization for my town. </p>

<p>Hook: First generation college student.</p>

<p>UMiami is my dream school. I feel like I am a good match, but my SAT scores will hold me back :(. Also, I am from PA if that means anything. Any ideas?</p>

<p>anyone? -_-</p>

<p>Your rank in class is impressive, so the CR test score is a bit perplexing. Did you take SAT multiple times and the 540 was the best CR? Did you try the ACT? What did your junior and senior class schedules look like? Any AP, IB or honors courses? If so, what were your AP scores? UM likes to see rigorous schedules, esp in senior year.<br>

<p>Thanks for your reply zincwhiskers :). So yes I did take the SAT multiple times and I had a lot of trouble with CR. I wish I could have gotten it up, but couldn't. I have taken rigorous courses in school. Junior year, AP Calc, AP Microecon, Honors everything else. This year, AP Bio, AP Macroeconomics, Honors Calc 2, English, Spanish 4, etc. All honors. I felt as though I had an emotional essay. I talked about how my dad's disability affected my childhood and my wanting to become a doctor. So I guess its a 50/50 shot. I hope that CR doesn't ruin my chances :/</p>

<p>You do have some hope. But it is based on luck. UM is very selective, but anything is possible. Your essay might have been so good, that the CR score was overlooked. You never know. But in everything else you shine, so 50/50. Maybe 60/40.

<p>Were you able to visit the school - build up any kind of rapport with any of the admissions folks? If you are "on the fence" for them, I think having someone in admissions who knows your name couldn't hurt.....
Would you be able to attend UM even if they didn't offer you a merit scholarship?
Have you heard back from any other schools yet?

<p>Thanks amorvita :) the 60/40 made me feel better haha and zincwhiskers, I visited last February for their open house. So I couldn't exactly talk one on one with an admissions officer because there were so many people there, but at least they have a record of my attendance. Depending on the amount of grants and financial aid I get, I could probably not afford it, but I have already started winning some outside scholarships so those will definitely help me. And I have already been accepted to 5 state schools, but Miami is my dream school. I would want to go there above the rest.</p>

<p>Well, 5 weeks and you'll know your fate - unless you're deferred, then I guess RD folks find out in April? Not sure about the RD date. At any rate, there isn't much you can do now except continue to apply for those outside scholarships, finish your senior year strong and keep your hopes up.
Good luck to you!

<p>Thank you very much! I appreciate your input!</p>