Please chance me :D Thank you!

<p>Thanks for clicking 8DDDD</p>

<p>Regular Decision / Chinese / Female / Yes Financial Aid
Major: Undecided Arts and Sciences
High School: Magnet
GPA: 3.95 UW 4.44 W 4.21 UC-W
Class rank: No ranking in school, but UC said top 9% O_o
SAT: 2200 in one sitting (690 CR 750 M 760 W). That one sitting also gave me my superscore...
SAT subject tests: NONE DDD:</p>

Japanese National Honors Society (Member then President)
Giraffe Corps (Creator / online novel-translating group)
Miss Asian America Pageant (Graphic Designer)
+ Random volunteering and tutoring stuff</p>

Psychologist Assistant - research compiling, accounting
City Department of the Environment Intern - graphics, translating, case study, outreach
Intern at Yerba Buena Center of the Arts - social work, performances</p>

AP Scholar with Honor
4.0 GPA Honor Roll (on and off for different semesters)
Chinese School (1st Place) <- does this even count? LOL</p>

<p>Senior class rigor
AP Japanese / AP Calc AB / AP Env Sci / AP Econ / AP Drawing
American Lit / College and Career
(Same thing for semester 2, except College and Career will become American Democracy)
Getting B's in Calc and Amer Lit ;_; A's in the others</p>

<p>Letters of Rec
One from my Art Teacher that knows me well........
Three from my work places......
Counselor doesn't even know she's my counselor. </p>

They're... ok. Would anyone be willing to read them for me? :'D</p>

<p>I've never visited the campus and they never came to our school. But lots of alumnis from my school went there so that's how I got interested :3</p>

<p>Thanks again guys :'D</p>

<p>Edit: Here are my scores for past AP tests :X
5's: Euro His, US His, Psychology, Chinese
3's: StudioArt3D</p>

<p>I think you have great chances. But the financial aid might hurt your chances. Still, you have good chances. Good luck to you!</p>