Please Chance me for Architecture Schools :)

Looking to apply for Fall 2016 as an international student from Canada. Here are the schools I am interested:

  1. Rice
  2. Cal Poly SLO
  3. USC
  4. Syracuse
  5. Oregon
  6. Pratt

GPA: 3.7 (Not sure how to weigh IB)
(88.3% average)

IB Courses:

  1. English HL
  2. Physics HL
  3. Mathematics HL
  4. Chemistry SL
  5. Economics SL
  6. Mandarin SL (IB Exam Grade: 7)

ACT Score (Take once, retake in October): 27

Porfolio basically complete, got mostly drawings and a few 3-D stuff. Decent extracurriculars. Attended USC intro to arch (2 week).

What are my chances for each school? Thanks!