Please Chance Me for BS/MD Programs

<p>Hi, I am interested in applying to BS/MD programs. I am from Ohio and am an Indian male.</p>

<p>GPA:4.1 (W), 3.7 or 3.8 (UW) (School has 4.0 starting from 95)
SAT: 2230 (770 CR, 720 M, 740 W, Essay: 12)
ACT: 33 (Eng: 30, Math: 34, Reading: 33, Science; 34, Writing: 9)
SAT II: Chem: 800 Math II: 710 Bio: 700
AP (Score/ Year Took): Euro (5/10), Chem(?/11), Stats (?/11), Bio (?/11), Calc A/B (?/11), English Language (?/11)
Next Year AP's: Physics, Calc B/C (First year school is offering), English Lit, Gov
I also have taken 2 Spanish Classes at OSU</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/ Awards/ Etc. :</p>

<p>Volunteer at Hospital (By time applying will be around 300 hours)
Historian of National Honors Society
In the Know ( Similar to Quiz Bowl) for 4 years
OMUN for 1 year
Water Polo for 3 years
Co-President of Debate Club
House Leader at school (First Year School is doing this)
Research at Ohio State Medical Center
Shadowing Doctor in Summer
Most likely commended National Merit Scholar
CSLC Forum on Medicine
US Academy of Achievement for Math</p>

<p>If you could chance me for NEOUCOM, Pittsburgh, Villanova/Drexel, and Penn State/ Jefferson that would be great. If you could also recommend some other programs to apply to that would be awesome.</p>


You are lucky to be in Ohio. Apply to all of them in Ohio. You have good chance at NEOUCOM. My D. has been accepted there, but choose different program. Any detailed questions? Do not hesitate. I do not know much about programs outside of Ohio, though.</p>

<p>You WILL get into NEOUCOM. It's easy if you are in-state, and a bargain tuition-wise too!</p>

<p>lol yeah, NEOUCOM is not too bad to get into and a great school. I'm also from ohio and applying to NEOUCOM in 2 years. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, but what about the other programs?</p>

<p>Apply to Drexel/Drexel, you will get in.
Pittsburgh and Penn State will be tough.</p>

<p>I think you have a really good chance (considering your stats and ECs) at VCU's gmed program as well. It's also relatively inexpensive for OOS students compared to other programs and it gives you the flexibility of applying out. Good luck!</p>

<p>What do you guys think my chances are for the RPI/AMC program?</p>

<p>Nevermind for RPI/AMC. How about Case Western's program?</p>

<p>PPSP at Case is very hard to get in. If you want, you can try. My D. was rejected pre-interview with your ACT and ranked #1 at her private prep. HS. However, she got in applying out of her bs/md "regular route". She was in another bs/md at state school.</p>

<p>which program did your daughter actually end up attending?</p>

<p>bs/md at state school in OH. She also has applied out of her bs/md in juniro year and is attending Med. School outside of her program now still in OH.</p>

<p>Since neomed seems to be the main topic of discussion here, what are your guy's ranking on their UG schools (YSU, Kent, UA)</p>

<p>D. was interviewed at all 3 and was accepted to her top choice - Kent. However, different applicants had different preferences for UG, based on their own criteria. I would suggest to pick your best choice, not what is the best for somebody else. That was 4 years ago, she had chosen another bs/md in OH and then applied out in her junior year and currently at Med. School of her top choice (still in OH). I would not say that neomed (it was NEOUCOM) was a bargain for her 4 years ago. She got some Merit Scholarship there, but eneded up on full tuition Merit Scholarship for UG portion in a program of her choice. However, her Med. School is very expansive, it is OK though after not paying any tuition in UG.</p>

<p>For my D we visited many medical schools including Robert Wood Johnson, NJ Med at Newark, AMC and others. Albany Med is spending millions on new buildings, state of the art operating suites that look like they were designed by Apple. I asked why the dramatic building and was told because they are the trauma center for upstate NY, western New England and southern most Canada.</p>

<p>Rijudasgupta, does your school rank? if so what is your class rank?</p>

<p>@rijudasgupta, do you know if ba/md programs look at your first marking period grades of your senior year or your first semester grades?</p>