Please chance me for Cal?

<p>Applying as Undeclared/ Pre-Business Administration</p>

<p>Background Information:
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Gender: Male
Location: CA</p>

GPA: 3.80 UW, 4.4 W, 4.12 UC
ACT: 31
SAT 2: 730 USH</p>

IB English 2 HL
IB Global Studies HL
IB Environmental Studies and Societies 2 SL
IB Japanese SL
IB Math Studies SL
IB Economics SL
IB Theory of Knowledge </p>

- First generation in United States and to go to college
- Household income: One parent unemployed and <30k
- My dad doesn’t work and has chronic Hepatitis B, meaning that he has no health insurance and constantly has to go out of the country for treatment and as a result, my extracurricular activities have suffered a bit through my first couple of years of high school
- Because of my dad, I also had to work in my mom’s business until she sold it when I was a sophomore<br>
- My course load is rigorous, but not the most rigorous available at my school </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
- Vietnamese Culture Club (9-12) – 4 hrs/wk: I was a senior leader for two years and am often chosen as a representative for my community. I help spread awareness of Vietnamese culture through cultural events, presentations, etc.
- Key Club (9-12) – 3 hrs/ wk: I am currently a Vice President. My duties include running the club meetings on a weekly basis, helping find service events for our club, helping run the club site, and other duties. I helped found a Builder’s Club at my old middle school and am a club advisor, helping run their meetings and I oversee their club’s activities. As a junior, I was elected to be our club delegate at Key Club conferences, which includes District Convention, the largest Key Club conference in the world. I essentially represented my club by putting forward our club’s interests and by voting on new bylaws.<br>
- Student Government (12) – 7 hrs/ wk: I’m head of fundraising committee and a part of club’s committee, overseeing all student activities that occur on campus. I also am in charge of some large school events such as the Canned Food Drive.
- Arcade Creek Project (11-12) – 3 hrs/ wk: I do hands-on ecological research on a creek through chemical testing and collecting data to determine its health. I am a leader of my study.
- Swim team (9-12) – 5 hrs/wk: I swim for a team during the summers and have been doing it for many years now. </p>

<p>Community Service (~400 hours altogether):
- Key Club International (9-12) – 200 hours: I do all of my service projects through Key Club. I’ve worked for numerous organizations such as American Cancer Society with Relay for Life, UNICEF, Project Shine, and Pediatric Trauma Prevention through fundraisers such as Awake-a-Thons and dances. Along with those, I’ve done a lot of community work through Key Club as well, working at soup kitchens, helping set up holiday events, and helping local service events around Sacramento.
- Library (9-10) – 40 hours: I helped do various tasks such as shelve books, organize book fairs, put on fundraisers, and set up events for teens.
- Lac Hong Vietnamese PTA (10) – 120 hours: I was a TA for Vietnamese school who graded papers, helped students with lessons, and was a leader who watched over the younger kids.</p>

- Vietnamese School (9-12) – 4 hrs/ wk
- Receptionist (7-10) – 16 hrs/ wk during school years, 25 hrs/ wk during summer</p>

<p>I'd really appreciate the help! UCB is one of my top choices. :)</p>

<p>You definitely have a really good chance, since your major is not impacted and your UC GPA/ACT are great.</p>