Please chance me for Colgate ED2 ! (International)

I guess the result will be released in a few more weeks but I already feel nerve-racking.

Background: Southeast Asian female, studying abroad in the US since Junior year (with partial scholarship), family contribution is $25,000 per year.

Grades and test scores:

  • 9th grade: 9.4/10.0 (Not ranked)
  • 10th grade: 8.9/10.0 (Not ranked)
  • 11th grade: 5.571/6.0 W (Around 4.6/5.0 I think), 4.0/4.0 UW (Ranking: 1 of 75)
  • 12th grade: Senior grade is optional so I did not report it
    I went SAT optional but submitted a 5 in AP Calc BC


  • 9th grade: All regular courses; my school didn’t offer any advanced class unfortunately
  • 10th grade: gifted in literature, advanced in math and English
  • 11th grade: Advanced (English III), AP (Biology, CSP, Calc AB), Honors (American history, Theology, Chemistry), Academic (SAT Prep)
  • 12th grade: Dual enrollment (Language Composition - 2 classes, Psychology - 1 class, US Government - 1 class), Advanced (Theory of Leadership), AP (Physics 1, Stats), Honors (Theology), Academic (Painting, Movie history, Textile Design)


  1. Work (Paid): Creative writer and collaborator for a magazine (11th, 12th)
  2. Academic: Head of Program of a health project which was chosen to present at a conference in another country (11th)
  3. Club: Founder of a charitable organization, donated books and clothes for more than 200 underprivileged children (9th to 12th)
  4. Music: Vice president of school’s musical instrument club (10th)
  5. Academic: Member of NHS. Tutor math and science. Chair a school event. (12th)
  6. Academic: Head of Program of a chemistry club (9th)
  7. Club: Photographer, Designer for a photography club. Designed the yearbook. (9th)
  8. Debate: Founder of the school’s debate club. Compete in local tournaments (11th, 12th)
  9. Academic: Member of the chemistry club (11th, 12th)


  1. Top 48 student leaders chosen by the city’s chairmen (State/Regional level, 9th)
  2. First prize for designing a project to promote students’ health, being the only project chosen in my country to present in a university conference with other countries (State/Regional, 11th)
  3. Bronze Honor in an international astronomy comp (International, 11th)
  4. Bronze Honor in an international mathematics comp (International, 12th)
  5. 1st place winner, gold medal in an international contest, science and technology category (International, 12th)

Essay and LORs: Hard to tell but I rate those 8/10. Submitted 2/3 supplemental essays. I also had a website where I uploaded my artworks and showed my interest in gardening. I put my LinkedIn link on that website also (well hope they will notice)

Intended majors: Neuroscience and Applied Mathematics

I’m so nervous since Colgate already accepted ~3 kids from my country in the ED1 round (urggg the intl acceptance rate is too low :slightly_frowning_face: )

Thank you!

First, congratulations on all of your accomplishments - you did well in high school.

However, Colgate is not need blind to anybody, so the fact that you are an international student who required financial aid will count against you. Relative to the size of its endowment, Colgate is not very generous with financial aid. Moreover, international admission rate to Colgate are abysmal - last year admission rates for international students was 8%, compared to 34% admission rate for domestic students.

So, even though you have a pretty strong profile, because you are international and require financial aid, your chances are likely not high. It is a high reach for you. Where have you applied RD, if anywhere?


Colgate’s limitation on aid is also my concern, but I haven’t found any school that fits me better. I also attended their virtual high school visit and talked directly to the admission officer.

I applied rd to some other schools: Colby, Hamilton, Skidmore, Lafayette, Bucknell, Bates, Middlebury, Muhlenberg, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan State. Colgate is still my most favorite school.

Colgate will consider your need for financial assistance in its admission decision based on the level of your request. Since your family contribution would not be negligible, this may allow Colgate to accept you based on the substantial merits of your application. Colgate, nonetheless, remains a reach, but perhaps not an unrealistic one.

If you care to say, it would be interesting to hear what you like most about Colgate. Also, any particular reason you didn’t apply ED1?

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I think, because She needs financial options to compare.

ED1 and ED2 represent similarly binding commitments, however.

Colgate and Bucknell are really similar, so I would decide between those two.

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I was first impressed by Colgate’s well-rounded program and its vibrant student life. I later talked to Colgate’s representative and current students to learn more about the school, and I totally love its small population. Besides, the neuroscience curriculum that Colgate offers is extraordinary. And lastly, I am also obsessed with the number 13 :slight_smile:

I hesitated to apply ED1 since my application hadn’t been in its best shape. For some reason, I had to quarantine in the military for more than a month and didn’t have some of the required materials completed.


Thanks for sharing your story, @donnotdan. I really hope you get into Colgate.

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