Please Chance me for Duke or Cornell ED

Please chance me when you get a chance!

My average is a 92 which is a 3.95 for most universities (I am from Alberta so 85+ is an A/A+). I would be applying as an international student from Canada. I’m predicting a 1540-1590 on the SAT and an 800 on Math 2 subject test. I already took the SAT Biology and got an 800. I’ve got 5 letters of recommendation which I think are written very good (I can’t see them). Only problem is, I haven’t taken an AP class yet. I am taking 7 AP’s in senior year. My school offers 8 AP’s. I am not sure if doing all this in senior year will amount to anything. I took 3 grade 12 classes in grade 11. I am not applying for financial aid.

  • I have been working at a daycare with children with special needs for 5 years. I helped in expanding the program and have gotten employee of the month 7 times.
  • Digital Marketing Intern (2018) and I made a video for customer mapping which the company still uses
  • Digital Marketing intern (2019) I made 3 videos (1 got advertised and hit 50k views) and I was the leader; I supervised 15 interns. I got an award for my success in geo fencing and helped enhance the company's website with the 3 videos (still used by the company to this day).
  • Health Professions Club Leader (a club for kids interested in med. We have medical student mentors and go to different medical schools). 3 years.
  • I learnt how to video edit on my own when I was 13 and created an online editing store so people could buy my project files and partner up with me. I made $15,000+.
  • Math tutor for 3 years with an organization (primarily tutored children with special needs).
  • Soccer 4 years (no awards) my team did win the city championship but no individual achievements.
  • Taekwondo 4 years. Won 3rd place at a provincial tournament.
  • Most likely going to volunteer at my local homeless shelter this fall (I HAVEN’T YET)
  • Most likely going to start a club this fall (I HAVEN’T YET).

I think my stats are strong but my AP’s are destroying me. Please be brutally honest.