Please chance me for ED (International)

<p>Though it doesn't make a difference to my CU application now, I would like to hear some opinions on my chance and some suggestions as to the schools that I should consider besides Columbia.</p>

International, Vietnamese.
Studying in Singapore on a full scholarship granted by Singapore government.</p>

Predicted IB points > 40. (maximum is 45, world's average is 30). School does not rank.
2300 SAT (800 CR, 760 M, 740 W).
760 SAT Literature, 760 Math I.</p>

Dance club (various full-length concerts, nation gold award, school's distinction honor).
Audiovisual club (team leader, coordinated major and minor events in school).
Directed, designed and acted in annual independent theatre performances.
Free tuition and counseling for neighborhood kids.
Community service trip to Cambodia.
Working unpaid as an elected moderator on a large music forum.
5-week scientific attachment at national research agency (significant in that it steered me clear of the science path).</p>

<p>Essays and supplements:
Personal essay on candies - teachers remarked that it was sweet :), subtle, honest, and true to who I am.
Supplements are okay I guess. A lot of time and effort invested into it since I am genuinely and reasonably passionate about Columbia.</p>

<p>Teachers' recommendations:
One excellent, two decent.</p>

I didn't speak English until I came to Singapore to study 4 years ago. And now one of the top English A1 Higher Level students in my class (the most rigorous English literature class offered by IB). Well reflected in the recommendations.
I speak Vietnamese (mother tongue), English (equivalent of first language), Chinese and French.
Decent contribution even though my family's income is far from the 60k mark. My family is pretty bent on this as well.</p>

<p>I know there are many differences between Asian and American education that make judgments hard, but I'm willing to listen.</p>

<p>Your scores are all great, and I'm sure your grades are as well (judging by your IB credentials). Plus, I think your essay sounds unique and your ECs are cool - not super super impressive but definitely solid and admirable. It's neat that you speak lotsa languages, too! When you say far from the 60k mark, does that mean you'll need lots of financial aid? International applicants are judged very harshly in general, and they do look at your financial status (unlike American student admission, which is need-blind). So I think in general the biggest thing working against you is the fact that you're international since these applicants need to be SUPER SUPER qualified if Columbia is to pay for their education. But definitely good luck to us all! You definitely have a chance. Perhaps you might want to look into other competitive schools like Tufts, Amherst, Williams, JHU, Wash U, and Cornell. They're all WONDERFUL schools and definitely hard to get into as well - just not QUITE as difficult as Columbs.</p>

<p>My family income is far below the 60k mark, in which case a domestic student would be entitled to almost a full-ride if he was to be accepted. Yet we are committed to paying about 50% of the cost despite the stratum our income and background has placed us into.</p>

<p>Really? I thought that, once you were accepted, Columbia would give you need-based aid even if you are an international student.</p>

<p>Yes but admission for int'l students is not need-blind, meaning that your contribution does affect your chance.</p>