!!Please Chance Me For ED!!

<p>I am aware that Universities take a very holistic approach when deciding whether or not to accept an individual. Regardless, I would like to see where the college confidential community thinks I stand. I am a female Indian Maryland resident. </p>

<p>Please chance me.
Thank you.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.95
WGPA: 4.7
(AP NSL, AP Chem, AP Lang, AP Calc AB, AP World Junior yr, AP Bio, AP Psych, AP Calc BC, AP Lit Senior yr)
4's and 5's on AP's</p>

<p>Community Service Hours: 650</p>

<p>SAT (CR, M, W, E)
First: 2030 (750, 710, 570, 7)
Second: 2100 (700, 740, 660, 8)
Super Score: 2150</p>

<p>I will be taking subject tests in Oct.</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities:

<p>Key Club
President (12th)
Vice President (11th)
Editor (10th)
Member (9th)</p>

<p>Hope Club
President (12th)
Vice President (11th)
Secretary (10th)
Member (9th)</p>

<p>Amnesty International
Vice President/Co-Founder (12th)</p>

<p>National Honors Society
Member (10th-12th)</p>

<p>National English Honors Society
Treasurer (11th)
Member (10th-12th)</p>

<p>Tri-M Music Honors Society
Member (10th-12th)</p>

<p>National Science Honors Society
Member (10th-12th)</p>

<p>National Math Honors Society
Member (12th)</p>

<p>National Social Studies Honors Society
Member (12th)</p>

<p>National Piano Playing Auditions (10 yrs)
Preparatory for Collegiate Class (Highest Rank)</p>

<p>Summer Reading Program (+50 Hours)
I was a director of the summer reading program at the local library. I fostered and promoted literacy in elementary school children.</p>