Please chance me for ENG?

<p>Please chance me for engineering?</p>

<p>I applied regular
my gpa is a 3.48-3.49 UW and 4.1 out of 5 W
my ACT is 32
my sat best single sitting is a 2210
(note...i took the sat again and for some reason got a 650 & 690 on crit R and math after getting high scores in them in previous sittings, but a 730 in Writing...will this count against me if i sent it to them?)</p>

<p>class rank as reported on their website is "86%" i am guessing top 14%?</p>


<p>engineering is very competitive. I believe your ACT will be good. you're GPA which is very good may be iffy for engineering. if u don't get into engineering you will defitinely get into general studies and then can transfer sophomore yr if u want.</p>

<p>They only look at math + critical reading, especially for engineering.</p>

<p>Class rank/GPA is iffy, engineering is really tough. Depends on the type of engineering too.</p>