Please chance me for exeter deerfield groton hotchkiss

<p>Hey i really want to get into one of these schools so please chance me and don't be a afraid to tell the truth!
My grades are...</p>

<p>Honors English: A
AP Biology: B- (expected to go up)
Spanish 1: A+
Digital Photo: A
Honors Algebra 2/Trig: C</p>

<p>I'm a freshman in high school and play on the tennis JV team at our school. I am in Rotery Club and The Christian Club.
I know that my grades in bio and math aren't good even though they are advanced classes for a freshman. As said before, my biology grade is expected to go up. It just took me a while to get accustomed to the work but i got better and my grade is improving. </p>

<p>So there you go! Thanks in advanced!</p>

<p>Looks pretty good(looks exactly like me). These schools are really hard to get into. You should consider applying to some "safety schools". It would help if you could post some SSAT/ISEE scores. On another note isn't tennis in the spring...</p>

<p>Thanks! and i didnt post my ssat score because im taking it in december and yes most schools have tennis in the spring but my school is weird and put girls tennis in the fall and boys tennis in the spring.</p>