Please chance me for fall 2012 transfer to ivies

<p>Hello guys,can anybody chance me on my fall 2012 transfer app to these schools:Yale,Cornell,Harvard,Tufts,,Dartmouth,WashU in St Louis,Columbia,Brown,Bates C,Grinnell C,Gettysburg C,Macalester C,Reed C.Upenn…..In high school, I applied to only my current univ due to my financial background and had a full ride luckily. I self-studied for the SAT using some of the books in my HS library and had 2030 and HS GPA of 3.90/4.0.I called the schools and they said my SAT’s are O.k with my country of origin and background.(I wanted to retake it)…Currently working on getting either a 4.0 or something very close to it. I am a freshman and taking courses in Gen Chemistry, Experiments in Gen Chemistry, Communications, Freshman Seminar, Intensive French (French 200) and Calculus 1.
Any suggestions on the apps will also be humbly welcome (…I have written my commonapp “why transfer” essay.PS Let me know if you can critique it for me and I will PM you).</p>

<p>Challenges faced Growing up.
A son of a peasant farmer and charcoal seller in rural Ghana, finances have posed a major threat to my pursuit of education. In high school, I had to combine my academic work with selling items like gum on the streets after school to cater for my personal expenses in a bid to supplement my full tuition was really, a difficult experience that I sometimes decided to quit school. However, my determination and yearning as a first generation college student to change things around me kept me on. Through my work on the streets, I was able to raise money to register for the SAT to get this far. Coming from a disadvantaged background where majority of teenagers fall victims to teenage pregnancy ,drug abuse and eventual school drop-outs, I know the value of opportunities and have and will continue to make the most of them. My Yesterday and Today have been rough and tough but with God and the zeal to succeed, I know a better tomorrow waits.</p>

<p>Honors/Recognitions and Awards
• Presidential Scholar, University (Students who maintained a High school GPA of 3.75 minimum and with an SAT score of 1890 and above. Awarded full tuition, fees, room and board and $1000 book scholarship )
• Silver Prize ,International Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition, UK(2010)
• Honorary Participation ,UNESCO- Goi Peace Essay Competition, Japan(2010)
• Top 3% of Graduating Class, High School(2007-2011)
• Nomination into National Science and Math Quiz Team, High School(2008-2011)
• Best Student in Class, 3 Times, High School.
• Overall Outstanding Student in Basic Education Certificate Examination, Junior High</p>

<p>Clubs and Activities
• University Student Ambassador (proposed a model to increase international student enrollment which is in use by admissions).
• University Debate Team
• University Publications Board(Only freshman on an 8 member board that writes and manages magazines for the University)
• Honda All Star Campus Challenge Team,
• Student Member, Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation( a registered charity headquartered in Canada with global reach which aims to provide medical support for brain and spinal injuries to the people of Ghana and West Africa)</p>

<p>High School
• Main Library Prefect
• Member, Writers and Debaters Team(2007-2011)
• National President, Junior High School Alumni Ghana(2007-2011)
• President and Founder, Read wide Club,
• Vice President, Scholarship and Talent Club
• Public Relations Officer, Future Leaders’ Group
• Financial Secretary, Science Club and Pentecost Students’ and Associates
• Member, Writers and Debaters Team
• Revival Singers Choir</p>

<p>Community Service
• Monthly Donation of $10 to Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation towards the building of a neuroscience center in Ghana.
• Collegiate Health Service Corp, (Research on the neurological and cognitive effects of drugs and alcohol on African American adults).
• Metro General Hospital: Volunteer with City Healthy Start Program on Infant Mortality Reduction-
• Tutor, After School Tutoring Program,
• Tutor, Sunday School Kids Ministry at Church of Pentecost (2005-date)
• Leading Praises and Worship at Church, Pentecost Choir(2004-date)</p>

<p>High School
• Health Volunteer, Community Clinic,
• Tutoring Sunday School Kids at Church of Pentecost
• Data Collector on Infant Mortality, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (K.M.A)Ghana
• Helping the injured athletes during sporting activities, Red Cross Society
• Church Renovations’ ,Church of Pentecost ,Kumasi, Ghana</p>

<p>Oh please,i see 88 views yet no comment...please say something.I am humbly requesting...</p>

<p>First off, let me say how impressed I am with how highly you achieved despite the circumstances you faced. I couldn't possibly imagine doing what you did and still getting a 2030 on my SAT and a 3.9. I would say you definitely have a good shot at all those schools because of how unique of an applicant you are and especially because of all your achievements. You do well this year in college, I think you will get accepted by most of the schools you apply to.</p>

<p>Thank you so much anthonyxy21.</p>

<p>And also for clarification,I am currently studying in a U.S 4-year university.I will be applying as an international..</p>